Dark Arts, Controlling, Twichery, Hoodoo Pagan, Follow Your Command, Increase your own power and influence, Command
Dark Arts, Cursing, Twichery, Hoodoo, Pagan, Lucky, Mojo, controlling, Sex, Passion, Anointing, Dressing Candle
Dark Arts, Sweet Revenge, Hoodoo, Pagan, Wicca, Mojo, Lucky, Controlling, Revenge, Vengeance, Power, Influence
Dark Arts, Bend Over, Hoodoo, Pagan, Wicca, Mojo, Magical Controlling, Botanica, Raven, Spiritual, Hoodoo, Compelling

Dark Arts Quintet Gift Set: Curse, Control, Incite Chaos, and Execute Vengeance

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By popular demand, Twichery's five best-loved Dark Arts oils are now sold as a quintet! This set contains our Cursing, Sweet Vengeance, God of Chaos, Controlling, and Bend Over Oils. 

As with ANY Dark Magic or Dark Magic product, check your own heart first and BE WISE. If you use these oils unjustly, it will come back and bite you. Because of the nature of these oils, if you are inexperienced in The Craft, be SURE to consult a seasoned practitioner BEFORE using them. The most important element of any good spell is doing your homework and crafting a proper ritual. Be specific and be very very clear about your intentions.

DISCLAIMER: NONE of Twichery's oil are to be used on the body as their contents are extremely skin-irritant. Do not use on your own body nor on anyone else's for any reason. You will not have any need to make physical contact with your enemy if you do your spell correctly. Craft and perform your ritual with skill, and the oils, the demons and your enemy's karma will take care of the rest.


You Will Receive

One 5 .5 oz. (15ml) bottles of Twichery Conjure Oil:

Cursing, Sweet Vengeance, God of Chaos Oil, Controlling Oil, Bend Over Oil



Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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