• Twichery.Wiccan, Pagan, Hoodoo, Metaphysical Supply Store: Handmade conjure & hoodoo oils, incense, ritual candles, spiritual baths, herbal soaps, spell kits, powders, body care, natural aromatherapy products.We supply your favorite altar ritual supplies.

    30-Minute Spell Crafting Zoom Call With Rowan

    Need a second set of eyes on your spell? In these 30-minute spell-crafting calls, we'll discuss your goals and work out all the details to make your spell exactly what you mean it to be.

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  • Spell Casting From Your Best Self (Coaching Program)

    Great power misused comes with the price tag of Karma. Here we focus on growing our power and getting fantastic results from our spells without getting into deep karmic doodoo.

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  • Everything & Anything Else You'd Like To See Offered

    We will LOVE any ideas about anything you'd like to see Twichery offering, whether for physical products or spell-craft coaching, or anything else. Let us know whatever you'd like to see from us.

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