Take The Quiz!

A. Not Interested in Witchcraft:
     "I Just Want What I Want. Fast."

  • I want to dab oil on my head and be done.
  • I don't want to spend any time on this. Just want it to be quick.
  • Not planning on taking time to develop spell casting abilities.



B. New to Witchcraft:
"I Could Use Some Help."

  • I want to follow some instructions. 
  • I have about 30 minutes for a spell.
  • I'm interested in witchcraft and would love some help.
  • I have some spiritual gifts but haven't developed them a lot.

C. Experienced:
"I Got This."

  • I know what I need and I'm just here to buy it.
  • Too busy to gather and combine my own ingredients.
  • I'm a born witch with natural magickal talent that I've mostly figured out.