Using Magick Oils - From Rowan at Twichery

With love from Rowan, this video covers the basic use of magick oils (Pagan and Hoodoo) and includes both a practical and a philosophical perspective for both beginners and advanced practitioners in The Craft.





Don't Just Do Something; Sit There!

Planetary retrogrades can sometimes make you feel like you've lost years of progress or that your feet are stuck in mud. What's REALLY happening is the astrological tide is going opposite the direction you want to go. What to do? Grab hold of a large steady object (that isn't moving) and hang tight. Retrogrades are a great time to go WITHIN, and going within goes hand in hand with your Road Opener Spell.





Herbs Hand-Harvested with Love from Rowan

I gathered my first lavender today for your oils this year, my darlings! And it is SUCH a lovely way to celebrate the spring wedding of Lady May! I am soooooooooo excited to share these elegant and hand-harvested herbs with you all, my dear friends!