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Dear Friend,

Any oil with proper ingredients will do what it’s supposed to eventually, and NO magick oil of any brand (even oils processed by machine) should be treated lightly.

HOWEVERTwichery formulas are made BY WITCHES. BY HAND. And oils combined by a witch’s hand are FASTER ACTING and far more POTENT than any processed by machines in a factory. So be careful what you wish for when using Twichery formulas. Companies that process their oils by machine are actually doing your karma a favor.

Be hereby advised: The end user is solely responsible for the outcomes of his/her own spells. Twichery is no more liable for how our formulas are used than Home Depot for how people use their hammers and drills.

Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery

Witchcraft Made Simple

Whether experienced in spell casting or just getting started, Twichery has every formulation you'll ever need.

For those who like to craft their own spells from scratch, we recommend our Traditional Conjure Oils. For those new to spell casting, our Witchcraft Made Simple Spell Kits (complete with instructions!) make learning spell casting a piece of cake. And for those who simply can't be bothered right now, our Quikspell Oils are just the ticket!

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There are three main ways to use Twichery Spell Oils.

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  • Using Magick Oils

    All the basics for getting started with magick oils TODAY.

  • Influence & Control

    Basics of spells formulated to influence others (and all that comes with it).

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