Twichery is Witchcraft Made Simple

Whether you're experienced in spell casting or just getting started, Twichery has every formulation you'll ever need. For those who like to craft your own spells from scratch, we recommend our Original Spell Oils. For those wanting to learn spell casting, our Witchcraft Made Simple Spell Kits (complete with instructions!) will make learning witchcraft and spell casting a piece of cake. And for those who simply can't be bothered right now, our Quikspell Oils are just the ticket!

How to Use Twichery Magick Spell Oils

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How to Request Super Charged and/or Consecrated Oils

Each Twichery Conjure Oil is handcrafted especially for you when you order it and comes labeled unless you request otherwise. We offer super charging or consecration of oils upon request. Click here for details about how to request that your oil be super charged or consecrated by one of our Witch Practitioners.