The Curse Breaker Code From Twichery: Find out NOW if you have been cursed. If you're experiencing bad luck, failed relationships, closed doors, job loss, things going missing, you could be suffering from a curse. Find out now. How to break your curse.

The Curse Breaker Code®

If you suspect you've been cursed, see our Curse Breaker Troubleshooter (bottom of this page) to find out first which level of curse it is. That way you buy only what you need.

  • Level 1: Negativity Curses (Not Intentional)

    * AKA "Bad vibes," Negativity

    * Creates a bad mood.

    * Caused by hurtful words or bad events (not usually intended as a curse).

    * Often called "a bad day" or "I feel like crap."


    A bad day or series of bad days. Can turn into bad luck in money matters, failures in love if not dealt with early.

  • Level 2: Casual/Amateur Curses (Most Often Intentional)

    * Makes bad things happen.

    * Brings sudden bad luck.

    * From someone you know wishing harm.

    * Name-calling, spitting, spoken or written curses against you.

    * Lodges in the brain.


    Years of bad luck and wrecked self-image if not dealt with promptly. Job losses, misfortune in love. Long-term confusion.

  • Level 3: DNA-Deep or Generational (Almost Always Intentional)

    * You feel like a cursed person.

    * Cast by a powerful dark witch;

    * Paid for by someone who hates you.

    * Stuck in the DNA.

    * Can pass down from parent to child.

    * Often called "the family curse."


    Can cause long-term health issues, bad habits, destroyed relationships, and even untimely death.