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Bend Over Oil: Bend the Will of Others to Your Own - Lodestone

Bend Over Oil: Bend the Will of Others to Your Own - Lodestone

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Please use extreme caution in using any Bend Over Oil formula, Twichery's or anyone else's because these controlling herbs really work! 

Unlike our other controlling formulas (Do As I Say, Controlling Oil, and As You Please), this one has some subtlety to it; it is more PERSUASIVE and INFLUENCING than controlling. Your target simply finds himself/herself adopting your general agenda.

It's good for when the other person simply needs a boost of self-discipline with regard to a task you have every right to require; an employee who sleeps on the job is an example of this; you're paying the person, so you have a right to require the work they've already committed to do. 

Any Bend Over Oil can indeed be used for unethical purposes, therefore it is a good idea while using this formula to be mindful of karma. 

We recommend that this oil NOT touch the other person, but rather that you find a hair or a nail clipping or something unwanted that belongs to the person and then place it within the quantity of oil you're using for the spell. Or you can simply place a drop of the oil on some object that belongs to the person.

Be incredibly specific about what you want the person to do, otherwise it will confuse the spell.

Find some way to symbolize that you are above the other person. In the case of a lazy employee, this can be as simple as supplying a photo copy of the person's work agreement and including it with your spell; symbolic of your right to require this action of the other person (so you can be absolutely sure the justice monitor sides with you). 

All these details may seem inconvenient, but they should be adhered to when using ANY brand of Bend Over or other magical oil or spell intended to control the behavior of other people. Do NOT take any magic lightly. Karma will hold you responsible for everything you do.

Note: This oil is cured for maximum potency. *


You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Bend Over Conjure Oil. 

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Additional Important Information


* What Does "Cured for Maximum Potency" Mean?

The only time we make an oil in advance is when that's THE right way to do it. You will know when an oil is not made fresh because we will state that specifically on its listing as "Cured for Maximum Potency," meaning that it is had plenty of time for all the herbs to thoroughly BLEND TOGETHER. (Note: Some oils MUST have time to "cure" in order to be effective in your spell.)




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