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God of Chaos Oil: Defeat Bullies, Confound Enemies

God of Chaos Oil: Defeat Bullies, Confound Enemies

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Ironically, Twichery God of Chaos Oil is one of our most beautiful and curious looking oils! It is also very fast-acting against anyone trying to cause your harm, making your enemy quickly forget what he was about to do.

It works especially well against bullies and people who have it in for you for no other reason than that they're malicious or jealous or cruel.

The spirits of this Twichery God of Chaos Oil, being justice-oriented rather than mischievous, are happy to foil the plans of others who may be intent on hurting you. 

Where you cannot necessarily see clearly into the hearts of others, the spirits of our God of Chaos Oil are expert at detecting malice and recognizing innocence, so as long as your heart is right, they will side with you. 

One simple use of this oil is to anoint a small stone with it and place it in your purse, or, if for a child, place it in the backpack of your child. It can also be mixed in with sand or soil and sprinkled onto a pathway your "enemy" is bound to travel.

Note: If you are on the side of bullying others DO NOT attempt to use this product as (at the very least) it will be a waste of your money or (at worst) it will backfire on you! We specifically formulated our God of Chaos Oil in this manner to protect the innocent. 

DISCLAIMER: This oil is NOT to be used on the body as its contents are extremely skin-irritant. Do not use on your own body nor on anyone else's for any reason. 

NOTE: This oil will go bad QUICKLY as it contains vinegar. The more it rots, the more powerful it is.



You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery God of Chaos Conjure Oil

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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