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Love Oils+Chuparrosa! Romance, Fidelity, Seduction + LONG TERM

Love Oils+Chuparrosa! Romance, Fidelity, Seduction + LONG TERM

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This set is the same as our Love Oils Trio with the addition of Chuparrosa for the all-around long-term familial relationship element.

Use Follow Me Boy for hopelessly intense fidelity from the one you desire.

Use Wicked Seduction Oil for intense lust from the one you desire.

Use Come To Me Oil to provoke feelings of romantic love toward you including (thankfully) ROMANTIC ACTIONS. (Note: Make sure you define that IN ADVANCE.)

And of course, our Chuparrosa is intended to spark the desire for sincere commitment and eternal familial love.

For further guidelines on how we recommend using these oils, click here:

Love Oils Trio: Your Most Powerful Love Spell is in the PLANNING!


You Will Receive

Four .5 oz. (15ml) bottles of Conjure Oil:

Follow Me Boy, Come To Me, Wicked Seduction, and Chuparrosa



Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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