Love Oils Trio: Your Most Powerful Love Spell is in the PLANNING!

Love Oils Trio: Your Most Powerful Love Spell is in the PLANNING!

It doesn't take long in any relationship to recognize the key elements of success in love are romance, sensuality and loyalty. So if you're engaging in love magic, it's certainly vital to get your spell right from the get-go. The following steps are how we at Twichery recommend using our Love Trio to manifest the kind of you want. And make no mistake about it: This is NOT one you want to leave to chance! 
First I sit down with pen and paper and get very clear on what I am hoping to achieve with my oils. I do this with ANY magical oil and any time I perform a spell or ritual: 

1. I write down the core need that drives my desire. An example with our Love Oils Trio (Follow Me Boy, Come To Me and Deadly Attraction oils) would me my need to love and be loved.

2. I write down my specific desire. An example would be the kind of person I want to attract into my life. I generally write down the most important attributes the person should have; I personally care about kindness, self-confidence, someone who lives close (i.e. not a long-distance relationship), etc. Be sure you include how you wish to be treated in the relationship.

3. I write down the kind of person I need to be in order to attract someone like that. For example, if I want someone who is self-confident, I would work to identify and create goals to enhance that attribute in myself.

4. At this point, I perform a very simple ritual on the night of a waxing moon. I petition the Love Deity of my choice for her attendance and take three pieces of Cosmic Twine (we'll be selling these as well soon!) or any other yarn or cord. Each cord should represent to you each one of the oils. Anoint each cord with one of the oils, and while you are anointing each cord, describe TO THE CORDS and to your deity the kind of person you are hoping to attract into your life. You might even just read what you have already written as you're anointing the cords. 

5. After anointing the cords, braid them together into one braid, in the moonlight. The braid you end up with should be long enough to tie around your wrist. 

6. After you have created your braid, have someone you trust tie it around your wrist, again in the moonlight. And ask for the blessing of your Love Deity. Wear this braid around your wrist until your love has come to you. You will RECOGNIZE your love by the fact that the key attributes you described are embodied IN THIS PERSON and in the way the person treats you. As usual and always, be careful what you wish for!

Sincerely, Twichery!
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Hello ,
I just purchased these. What if the person is someone you are already in a relationship with? For someone who lives alone , is it okay to tie the cord by themselves? Is this the only ritual or you can also rub oils on your pulse points and other rituals? Thank you!


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