Twichery's As You Please Oil: Compel and Control, Straying Lovers, Faithfulness, Witchery Hoodoo, Voodoo Paganism
Twichery As You Please Oil: Cure your lover of wandering eyes and procure their unconditional loyalty, Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca Pagan Traditional Witchcraft
Twichery's As You Please Oil, As You Wish, Straying Lovers, Control, Fidelity Herbs Hoodoo Voodoo Pagan Wicca Traditional Witchcraft Root Art
Twichery's As You Please Oil, Compelling Herbs, Straying Lovers, Calamus, Control, Compel Hoodoo Voodoo Root Art Conjure Traditional Witchcraft
Twichery As You Please Oil for straying lovers. Alchemy. Root, art. Hoodoo spells, Voodoo Wicca, Pagan Traditional Witchcraft

As You Please Oil: Faithfulness, Fidelity, Straying Lovers, Control Others

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As with any form of compelling magic, take care with this one. Twichery uses powerful fidelity and compelling herbs to make not only following your commands, but YOU as well, totally irresistible.

This oil will return straying lovers to you or bring new lovers into your life whose primary interest becomes your bidding. Unlike our Do As I Say oil, this one requires hardly anything more than your wishing for something and the other person is simply compelled to seek whatever you prefer. 

Note: If you are looking for a similar oil to use on an enemy, it's Twichery Controlling Oil for that. Just a heads up!



You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery As You Please Conjure Oil

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!


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