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Come To Me Oil: Especially Powerful for Attracting New Love!

Come To Me Oil: Especially Powerful for Attracting New Love!

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Unlike our Follow Me Boy Oil (for intense fidelity) or Twichery's Deadly Attraction Oil (for intense lust), our Come To Me Oil is formulated to provoke actual feelings of ROMANTIC LOVE toward you from the one you desire, including (thankfully) ROMANTIC ACTIONS.

Each oil contains some elements of the others, but for the MOST TRULY "Holy Trinity" of passion, we recommend combining all three oils. (Please do see first the disclaimer at the top of our Follow Me Boy oil listing BEFORE including it in any combination of oils or using in rituals as IT REALLY WORKS, and you definitely want the right guy to be following you!) 

Of course, YOU are the one who defines what is romantic FOR YOU, so be sure to fortify your Come To Me Oil with symbols/intentions of that which, FOR YOU, means romance. Do NOT let chance or anyone else decide that.  



You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Come To Me Conjure Oil 

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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