What to Do When an Oil "Doesn't Work"

What to Do When an Oil "Doesn't Work"

I recently got a message from a customer who briefly let me know, "Nothing has happened yet." I asked her to tell me a little bit about her spell and she said that she hadn't performed a spell (she was using Shi Shi Oil), but that she had just been dabbing it on her wrist every day. Here is my response with no changes other than changing her name:

Dear [Linda], 

Thank you for getting back with me about this. I have heard on rare occasions that oils can work for people just by dabbing them on, but it hasn't been my personal experience. Most of the time the best way to use a conjure oil is as part of a ritual or spell.

Some people who haven't done spells before may feel intimidated by the idea, but I can assure you it's the very best way to use the oil and get results. And you will be pleased to find out that it may be a lot simpler than you think. 

What I recommend (not only for people who are new to spell casting but to people who have been doing spells for a long time, including myself) is (however trite this might sound) to go to YouTube and look up all the spells having to do with either the oil you are using or the goal you have in mind. However simplistic this might sound, it is a great way to get a range of ideas from a range of magickal practitioners from beginners to advanced. A wise idea to remember is that The Fool is the precursor to The Savior or to The Master. The key is to begin and to learn from both your own experiences in magick and the experiences of others. Obviously it is good to start with simple spells and work your way up to the more complex.

What will probably stand out to you when you do your first YouTube search for examples, is not only how down-to-earth these people are, but how homely and common the tools they use. You certainly don't have to go buy a large collection of witchcraft tools. In fact, most of the things you need will be found lying around your house or outside in the yard.

Even if I've done a spell many times before, people on YouTube often have terrific ideas that I've never thought of that help me not only get centered in my goal but give me a greater understanding of what might go into making my spell more effective than it otherwise might have been. It's when I freshen up my spells with these great ideas that I've found that synchronicity, inspiration, and amazing things start to happen.

Here is a link to a blog post I wrote that may also be helpful for orienting yourself successfully to the oil you've purchased: "What does sold as curio mean?" It goes into a little more detail on the subject of how oils relate to spells and your intentions and goals.

Of course I would also dab some on the wrist on a daily basis (as long as it's a drawing or attraction oil and not a cursing or repelling oil), but I would do that mostly as a reminder of the goal and of your original spell. And I would only do it after I had performed the ritual/spell.

Most importantly of all, please feel free to message me any time with questions because it's very important to me that my customers and clients feel like their goals are being met and that they have every reason to feel confident in their spells and spell crafting.

Sincerely, Rowan

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