What Does "Sold Only As Curio" Mean?

What Does "Sold Only As Curio" Mean?

The word "curio" is a shortening of the word "curiosity." When you see a product that is said to be a "curio," that means it is an object of interest, just the same as something you might place in a "curio cabinet." 

So why do we say "Sold Only As Curio" on our website and on our products? And why wouldn't the label of "curio" downplay the magickal purpose of the object? Or deny it altogether?

It's very simple. No formulator of magickal formulae has the right or the ability to guarantee that your purpose for buying the product is going to be achieved by your using it. That's precisely because there are four key elements to any spell or ritual:

1) The formulation itself

2) Your relationship with your deities

3) Your competence as a practitioner of The Magickal Arts

4) Your careful crafting of your intention and spell

Your formulator CAN guarantee that their formulations are true to Traditional Hoodoo or Pagan Formulae, including the ingredients they contain and their methods of production. And that is exactly what we guarantee. But the fulfilling of all the other three criteria for an effective spell or ritual is entirely up to you. 

As per the law, formulators of magickal oils, powders and other magickal perishables sell these products "as curio only" so we will not be held responsible for the results of how these oils are used once they leave our hands. Much like an athame or a candle or any other thing you might buy, you alone are responsible for how you use it. 

At Twichery, our commitment is to keeping our formulations pure and authentic and made according to Tradition. We also include on our labels whether or not they can be used on the body (BECAUSE SOME ABSOLUTELY SHOULDN'T BE, and of course NONE of them should EVER under ANY circumstances be taken internally!!).

Not only is this is the best we can give you, but it's the best you can/should expect from ANY formulator of any magickal formulations anywhere. 

And remember: Any formulator/marketer promising anything more than an authentic formula (such as specific results) is very likely being dishonest with you. 

We hope that knowing this helps keep you out of trouble!

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!



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