Wisdom in The Craft: Opening The Third Eye with Conjure Oils

Wisdom in The Craft: Opening The Third Eye with Conjure Oils

Becoming a more conscious human being is vital to the well-being of not only the planet but for your whole self as well, and it is impossible to do this fully without first engaging The Third Eye.

In addition to integrating your whole self, engaging The Third Eye helps you to engage and reconnect with The Essence of the entire Universe and that which is Eternal in all of us.

When your third eye is open, your pineal gland is activated, raising your vibration and both your insight and intuition. It increases your level of consciousness and makes it possible for you to see with your Spirit as well as with your physical eyes.

As you begin your quest to open your third eye, the first and most important thing to remember is that your chakras above your heart are not (unlike your lower chakras) linked with physical bodily processes, but rather with mental states. So RELAXING and avoiding stress wherever possible is absolutely key in this work.

The first thing I would recommend is purchasing yourself a silk scarf of indigo blue and keep it with you as much as possible and definitely have it by your bedside at night. You will want to incorporate this color into your life as much as possible, including wearing it.

The use of specially prepared oils for this purpose is absolutely vital. Plant essences are the Universe's best way of communicating with and through us, and opening us up to mystical experience. We recommend three different oil blends as you begin your journey.

There are three oils in particular we recommend. The first two are for the beginning phase of opening the 3rd eye and then an the third is to be used starting after 18 nights of using the first two. Dream Oil and Forget It Oil are the first two. It might seem strange that I'm recommending Forget It Oil, but it isn't really because it is a Cut & Clear Oil, formulated to help your conscious mind let go of your troubles. It also loosens up any resistances in both your conscious and subconscious mind.

On this next point I have had a few people disagree with me but I have found for myself that as the conscious mind can sometimes sabotage this endeavor, I always start at BEDTIME AND DURING SLEEP precisely because that's when the resistance of consciousness is at its very least. This is how I personally recommend beginning. I would use Forget It Oil about an hour before bedtime. At this time your mind might fill up with a TON of thoughts that you will want to journal as they are coming out; that's your brain processing those thoughts enough to let them go. And then use your Dream Oil right as you're lying down at night, keeping in mind your willingness to allow that third eye to open.

After you use the Dream Oil and Forget It Oil for nine nights in a row, then start using it during the day, but only when you're going straight into a meditative state. Again, this will relax your conscious mind to the experience and decrease any blocks or resistance. Do that again for nine days and continue using the oil at nights.

On night 19, begin your Air Elemental Oil in combination with the other two oils as you're falling asleep. After nine more days, add it into your meditation time with the other two.

It's important to bring other practices into your third-eye rituals and awakening. The most important thing is consistency and some of these will resonate more with you than others. Here are some ideas:


* Fasting one or two meals once every two weeks.
* Drinking a third-eye herbal tea. Eyebright, Juniper, Lavender and Bilberry are all great for this. (Some people recommend Star Anise as well, but I don't start using that one until night 19 when I start the Air Elemental Oil as it might be too overpowering to start with.)
Keep your sinuses CLEAR. A Neti Pot is helpful.
* Wear gemstones whenever possible that are indigo in color, such as Lapis Lazuli or Blue Sapphire. Moonstone is also good for this. It's not blue, but it will keep you open.
* Get yourself to a quiet and natural place wherever possible. Mountains are wonderful.
* Meditate on a daily basis, even if it's only for five minutes at a time.
* Meditate on planets and the blue sky and stars whenever possible.
* Petition the God Shiva for assistance in your quest for clairvoyance and spiritual wisdom

And one last thing: Once you start finding your third eye opening naturally, you will have to learn to control it so that it's used consciously, and not just going rogue on you all the time. Sometimes someone will have their third eye open and it's like having an extra appendage that's out of your control. It doesn't have to be that way. Keep it disciplined.

If you find yourself feeling overly light or unable to get or stay grounded, use an Earth Elemental Oil for grounding. It is incredibly important to make sure that your work in the Spirit makes you EVEN MORE FUNCTIONAL in your day-to-day physical life in the world. It should never REPLACE your life. Nor should you ever allow yourself to get habitually out of touch with Mother Earth. Using your third eye should always be a choice and for the benefit of your whole being; not as an escape from reality.

You can also work in a garden a little bit each day, as digging around in the soil and pulling up weeds is INCREDIBLY grounding and healthful. And it's a great way to get some much needed fresh air.

Blessed Be!


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