Twichery Earth Elemental Oil is for rituals involving primarily the Earth Element. It is for grounding and centering in reality. Hoodoo Voodoo Twichery Wicca Pagan
Twichery Earth Elemental Oil, Solid Grounding, Wealth, Stability, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit, Art, root work, Elemental, Rituals, Pagan, Hoodoo
Earth Elemental Oil, Twichery, Wealth, Stability, Grounding, Family Matters, Wealth, Earth Energy, Cypress, Vetiver
Earth Elemental Oil, Twichery, Employment, Business, Familyi, Witchcraft, Elementa, Essential, Material things, Stability
Twichery Earth Elemental Oil is particularly helpful for grounding after psychic work or air-elemental-related work; brings you down from the clouds and grounds you solidly back in your own body. Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca Pagan Traditional Witchcraft
Twichery Earth Elemental Conjure Oil is for grounding, stability. root, art, craft
Twichery Earth Elemental Oil grounds you solidly in reality after your head has been "elsewhere." Stability, Pagan, Root, Art, Money, Vetiver, Patchouli
Twichery Earth Elemental oil is for Grounding after spiritual rituals. ritual oil, Abundance, Stability, Family Matters
Twichery Earth Elemental Oil is for bringing you back to the physical realm after time within spiritual realms. Hoodoo Grounding Cedar, Traditional Witchcraft

Earth Elemental Oil: Grounding, Stability, Sustainability

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Twichery's Earth Elemental Oil is particularly useful for individuals very involved in spirit work who need an added boost to STAY GROUNDED afterward. It is very easy when dealing with spirits and spiritual practices to fall "out of touch with the soil" and have one's head still in the clouds.

The spirits of Twichery Earth Elemental Oil will help you reconnect with Mother Earth and Her Nature Spirits, so you can live in this world when it's time to "chop wood and carry water" again.

Our customers tell us an added benefit is that they are more in tune with the children in their lives, and able to meet them where they're at. And not just the actual children, but with their own inner child selves, which tend to be closer to their original Earth Nature. 

One particularly useful way of using our Earth Elemental Oil is to anoint a favorite stone and keep it in your pocket at times when you are involved in earth-oriented work. When it is time for you to be involved in spirit work, take it out of your pocket and place it in a bowl of soil somewhere close by. Place it back into your pocket when you've completed your spirit work. If you have difficulty coming back from the astral realms, instead of placing the stone in a bowl of soil, leave it at your feet and it will help you come back when you are finished with your spirit work. 

Twichery Earth Elemental Oil can be used with great success in business and family matters as these are both very earthy endeavors. Even when you're dreaming big, you need an anchor on the ground. 

This is one of our most luxurious and rich oils, blended with patchouli, cypress, Indian sweet grass, and red clover. It is reminiscent of prairies, meadows, and secret places, welcoming you back to a feeling of reverence for and reconnection with our Mother Earth.

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