Set Up a Mental Altar Using Mindfulness Meditation

Set Up a Mental Altar Using Mindfulness Meditation

Occasionally I will have a client message me wondering if simply applying an oil to the skin or simply dressing a candle with intention "will work." 

I will say, albeit with hesitation, that YES, I have had a few customers and clients report to me that "I applied the Follow Me Boy Oil and he called me THAT NIGHT!" But if I am going to be completely honest with you (as I desire to do), I will tell you that this has NEVER happened for me personally. Ever. I don't know what je ne sais quoi these magickal people have, but I sure as heck don't have it. The only time I have ever had an oil work for me is if I had performed a spell or ritual with it. Of course then I would apply the oil to my skin afterward (if it's a drawing oil*). But I have never been able to just put an oil on my skin and have magick happen. Life isn't Disney after all. For more information about why this doesn't work for me (and nor does it generally work for others), click here.

One of the main reasons people don't want to do a spell (however simple) is because they're in a living situation where there are a lot of people around all the time and there's little to no privacy. They don't want to pull out an altar and all their stuff and have their ritual interrupted every five seconds. Nor do they necessarily want to share what they're doing with people around them whose business it isn't or who simply wouldn't understand. 

There is an answer for this dilemma and it is well worth your time, not only because I'm happy to say you can still get a proper ritual done, but also because EVERYBODY needs to have greater access to their own mental powers, and I'm not just talking about magickal mental powers; I mean accessing your own mental processes for greater effectiveness for your life in general.


If you haven't set up a PHYSICAL altar before, then I would do that FIRST, and here is an excellent blog post about how to do that. I don't know any other way to learn well how to set up an altar than by having done one PHYSICALLY first. So find some way to do that.

Once you know how to set up a physical altar, it is time to craft your spell/ritual. I OFTEN recommend that my customers google videos or blog posts about the ritual or spell that they would like to do. I even do this myself because I am always looking for new ideas for my rituals, even when I have already performed similar rituals before. Getting new ideas from others' keeps my spells and rituals FRESH!

While watching a few videos about the spell I'd like to perform, I always get great ideas from others so I write down the ones I want to implement. Afterward, I integrate them into an outline that represents the spell I'm going to perform. I don't usually write it out word-for-word, but I do make sure I write down each element that I want in my spell so as not to forget a thing. I also draw a picture of what my altar would look like; what tools I would use on it, and where I would be placing them if I did have a physical altar. For this reason, it is easier to start with a very simple spell using only a very few simple tools; two or three at most so it's easy to visualize.

Once you have your outline, make sure that you aren't going to be interrupted. Because this next part will take concentration and mindfulness. 

Remove any possible distractions and then get yourself into a comfortable meditative position. You do not need ANYTHING but a relatively quiet and private environment at this point. And maybe your outline in front of you if you don't remember perfectly everything you wrote down.

You can start your ritual at ANY point; you can imagine yourself getting dressed specifically for your ritual in your ritual robes. You can do a ritual preparatory bath in your mind. You can start anywhere. Eventually you want to be setting up your altar within your own mind as if it were 100% physical. You may either picture yourself doing this from a third-person perspective, or you can imagine yourself looking down at your altar and setting it up. Then go through every step of your ritual using your imagination as the locus of this holy performance. You can light candles in this sacred space in your mind. You can either whisper the words of your ritual or you can think the words in your mind.

People who are highly experienced in magick have got this type of mental work down pat. That is how they can perform magick immediately and upon demand; they have just that much mastery over their own thought processes that they can often even utter magick words and the spell will take immediate effect, no physical tools needed. Maybe a little wand but barely anything else. This is definitely NOT beginner magick; it is a skill they have likely worked on for YEARS to perfect in order to have the elements obey them and their deities show up for them upon demand, instantly.

One must begin somewhere. And it is in meditation that I recommend you begin this mastery of your own mental processes. This is, indeed, one of the highest forms of magickal expression!

If you would like an app to help you on the beginning of your mental mastery journey, I highly recommend Sam Harris' wonderful app called "The Waking Up Course." I don't make any money at all by recommending this app, but I do get the gratification of knowing that I've spread the word about one of the greatest methods I know for teaching you how to make the world a better place by mastering your own mind, and that's good enough for me. 

I will be releasing my own Meditation Mastery Oil shortly, and I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

Sincerely, Rowan

* A "drawing oil" is an oil intended to draw something to you, as opposed to a repelling oil, which is to keep something away from you.


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