How to Take Back Your Power from Someone Exercising Magickal Control Over You

How to Take Back Your Power from Someone Exercising Magickal Control Over You

(Note: In this post I promote three oils that can be brought as a Trio. Here's the link for my Witch Binder Trio in advance!)

I had a client who was being repeatedly cursed with fertility problems by her husband's vengeful ex. She said the woman was a black witch and she asked me what I would recommend. I am cutting my response directly from the interaction and pasting it here (with name change):

Karen, thank you for messaging me about this. There is a three-step, three-spell process I would recommend in this situation. The first would be a Spell Breaker ritual and that would be only for the emergency aspect of this. The effect of it will be temporary, but it will buy you enough time to do the rest of what I'm telling you here. You can use any old Spell Breaker Ritual for this part. YouTube is a great place to find one.

The second and third part are a little more involved but will definitely do the trick.

Part of the reason she even has the power to do what she's doing is because you know she is a "black witch." There is something psychological that happens within us when we find this out about someone who hates us. All by itself that knowledge begins to have a power over us. So think of it like a stick that someone is poking you with; getting poked with a stick hurts UNTIL you grab the other end of the stick and push back. And that's where the second part comes in with a Power Breaker spell. 

The instant someone begins to perform aggressive magick against you, they are paying a price to an evil spirit to maintain it and their connection to you, and it literally weakens them. YOU, on the other hand, are NOT paying that price, so your personal magick will necessarily be stronger than theirs (that is, of course, as long as you are not in league with any evil spirits yourself). Performing a Power Breaker ritual is, in effect, you "grabbing the other end of the stick," drawing the other person TO YOU and looking them in the eye. You will NOT need to look her in the eye in real life to do this Power Breaker spell. It will be even MORE effective if you do it in her dreams. Because SHE is the one who is pushing the "stick" at you, that spell is a connection between you and her. So you have every right to use it as a vehicle to invade their dreams. This will require visualization on your part.

To do a Power Breaker spell you will need a single black candle. Use this candle to represent the curse they have done to you. Pour some Twichery Power Breaker Oil onto the candle and draw it down to the bottom three times. Then light it and set it into a holder where it won't tip over. This symbolizes YOU "grabbing the other end of the stick" and holding onto it, using it as a guide straight to them and to their dreams. This will effectively disarm your witch for when you arrive in her dreams to work your Witch Binder spell. BUT you must do your Witch Binder spell BEFORE the candle burns all the way down. Once the candle is burned down, yes, her power over you for the time being is exhausted. But you don't want to be stuck there in her dream, which would be bad news. Depending on the size of your candle, you will have that much time to perform your Witch Binder spell, but the spell itself doesn't have to take any more than a minute.

The third part (and you MUST have this ready when you look in her eyes in her dream) is to use Twichery Witch Binder Oil. This part is NOT to demoralize her into nothingness. You don't want her to hate herself (which, of course, would only make her a worse person). But it is to create a new relationship with her where, she is no longer a "dark witch" where you are concerned. She is no longer in the power position where you are concerned. YOU are in the power position. (And of course, once you are there, don't abuse it. I am personally of the opinion that it's best to cut off the relationship thereafter wherever possible.) Click the link HERE for details on how to use Twichery Witch Binder Oil.

Doing your Witch Binder spell achieves TWO HUGE THINGS: First of all it lets her know firmly that they cannot be f*ing with you without serious metaphysical consequences. There is almost nothing more scary than finding someone whom you thought beneath you suddenly having power over your dreams.

The second thing (and the more important thing) this accomplishes is it puts YOU in the driver's seat OF YOUR OWN MIND. You will want to create a barrier around your own psyche that blocks out not only her spells but the spells of anybody else who tries to mess with you, and you will find that others simply no longer have any magickal power over you at all.

When doing a spell like this, I also always recommend the book "Why Men Love Bitches." It's simply empowering and can be used in many other situations than the title indicates. The stronger your self-worth and self-respect become, the less power ANYBODY will have over you not only magickally but in regular day-to-day life.

If there are any fertility problems left after this, you will know that it has NOTHING to do with her or anybody else cursing you and you can deal with those medically.

I hope this helps, my friend. You can use my oils for the first two steps if you like (although they are not absolutely necessary if you have your own methods), but I'd definitely use my Witch Binder Oil for the last part of it.

A side-effect is that she will be EXHAUSTED the day after you do this, but that part of it will be temporary and you will not be doing her personally any long-term harm. But she will sure the hell know you're not to be toyed with.

(If you are interested in buying all three oils as a set, click here to find Twichery's Witch Binder Spell Kit Trio.)

Sincerely, Rowan

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