Witch Binder Spell Kit Trio: Break the Spell, Break the Power, Bind the Witch

Witch Binder Spell Kit Trio: Break the Spell, Break the Power, Bind the Witch

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Note: Do NOT use Twichery Witch Binder oil unless you are certain you are being cursed by a powerful witch and you know exactly who it is. If you do this spell unjustly on someone who is not guilty, it is VERY likely to backfire on you.

NOTE: The Witch Binder Oil's results are best achieved on the last night of a full moon.

The spell for using this oil is quite involved and it entails YOU going into the dreams of the other person and redefining the relationship in such a way that YOU reclaim power over yourself and take away the staff of power they wield over you. You then bring that staff back to YOURSELF through visualization. This is NOT an easy spell to to do, so if you are weak in your ability to visualize, you will need to PRACTICE THAT FIRST.

When someone has a hold on you, it creates a connection. You must use this connection to climb your way into their dreams--exactly what they have been doing to you in the other direction during their waking hours.

It is important to order this set RIGHT before you're ready to use it. It MUST be fresh. So don't order it until you're ready to use it. Have your ritual/spell written out FIRST, and then order the oil. I will make it right before I send it to you. Immediately REFRIGERATE the Witch Binder Oil because it will need to be COLD. (The other oils can be used again later for other occasions.)

Part of the reason the witch even has the power to do what they're doing is because you know they're a "black witch." There is something psychological that happens within us when we find this out about someone who hates us. All by itself that knowledge begins to have a power over us. So think of it like a stick that someone is poking you with; getting poked with a stick hurts UNTIL you grab the other end of the stick and push back. And that's where the second part comes in with a Power Breaker spell.

The instant someone begins to perform aggressive magick against you, they are paying a price to an evil spirit to maintain it and their connection to you, and it literally weakens them. YOU, on the other hand, are NOT paying that price, so your personal magick will necessarily be stronger than theirs (that is, of course, as long as you are not in league with any evil spirits yourself). Performing a Power Breaker ritual is, in effect, you "grabbing the other end of the stick," drawing the other person TO YOU and looking them in the eye. You will NOT need to look them in the eye in real life. It will be even MORE effective if you do it in their dreams. Because THEY are the one who pushing the "stick" at you, that spell is a connection between you and them. So you have every right to use it as a vehicle to invade their dreams. This will require visualization on your part. Here are the steps:


The first would be a Spell Breaker ritual and that would be only for the emergency aspect of this. The effect of it will be temporary, but it will buy you enough time to do the rest of what I'm telling you here. You can go to YouTube and find any old Spell Breaker ritual that resonates with you.


Most of my oils can be used in any number of creative ways, but Witch Binder oil is NOT one of them. So I'm giving specific instructions here. Find the enclosed black ribbon and say, "This tie is mine." BURN THE ENDS OF THIS RIBBON WITH A LIGHTER SO THEY WON'T FRAY. As you're doing this, talk to your deity of choice and tell him/her what has been going on and why you are performing this spell. You must be sincere and let them know that this particular witch has been performing aggressive magick against you, and then ask for your deity's assistance. The main thing you want to request is that the witch be bound from working their magick against you and your family. (For your safety and for simplicity, don't try to extend it beyond that, especially if you are a novice.)

Then write the name of the person who has been cursing you IN BLACK PEN and it should say, "[Name], I BIND YOU." Then take the ribbon and tie it TIGHTLY in a double knot (do not make a bow) around the parchment like a scroll. Then place the bound scroll into the bottle. Place the triquetra (from the lid) into the bottle with the scroll. Tighten the lid and shake it good.


To do a Power Breaker spell you will need a single black candle. Use this candle to represent the curse they have done to you. Pour some Twichery Power Breaker Oil onto the candle and draw it down to the bottom three times. Then light it and set it into a holder where it won't tip over. This symbolizes YOU "grabbing the other end of the stick" and holding onto it, using it as a guide straight to them and to their dreams. This will effectively disarm your witch for when you arrive to work your Witch Binder spell. BUT you must do your Witch Binder spell BEFORE the candle burns all the way down. Once the candle is burned down, yes, their power over you for the time being is exhausted. But you don't want to be stuck there in their dream, which would be bad news. Depending on the size of your candle, you will have that much time to perform your Witch Binder spell, but it doesn't have to take any more than a minute.


When you look the witch in the eyes in her dream, SHOW HER THIS BOTTLE. And be sure to do it SUDDENLY so she doesn't know what's happening. She must SEE it. And as you show it to her, say, "[Name], I have bound you." You will notice that the witch has a staff in his/her hand. TAKE THIS STAFF. It is the dream symbol of the power the witch has had over you. It is now yours and you don't have to worry about it anymore.

After you have done this, come back to yourself. Place the bottle in the light of a moon that is barely starting to wane. Leave it in the same spot for a few days until the moon is nothing more than a sliver of a waning crescent. By this time, the oil will have separated some from the Graveyard Dirt that's in there and you should be able to see the tied scroll. On that very last night of the waning moon, AT MIDNIGHT, go outside and dig a hole in your back yard or in some place you have previously consecrated for the purpose and where it is not likely to be disturbed. Bury it.

After two weeks buried, even if it gets disturbed, the spell is entirely complete and even if the bottle breaks nothing will reverse it.

Please message me if you have any questions about this spell or anything else.

Sincerely, Rowan

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