Follow Me Boy Bath Ritual/Spell

Follow Me Boy Bath Ritual/Spell

A favorite ritual/spell with Follow Me Boy Oil is detailed but satisfying, and given here in steps. And note that you can change the oil to any of our oils based upon your intention. Just remember to use the corresponding color of candles and towels that go with the ritual. For a guide about color choice, click here.

Supplies you’ll need:

2 Mason Jars

A small bowl full of fresh red flower petals (red roses work great but any red flower will do)

1 bottle of Follow Me Boy Conjure Oil

2 tall red candles in candle holders

1 lighter

1 Fresh clean RED towel

Music that puts you in an empowered and peaceful mood

Music that puts you in a sexual/romantic mood

Incense if you would like it; anything that will put you in a sexual/romantic mood.

  1. First, skin-test the oil. I place a small drop of the oil on my ankle where the skin is sensitive enough to react if I’m going to react at all, but inconspicuous enough that if there is any allergy, it’s not going to draw any attention to itself. If there is an allergic reaction, avoid any part of this ritual that entails applying the oil on your skin.

  2. Next I choose a time when nobody else will be home and I clean my bathroom from top to bottom so that it sparkles. I personally like to use natural products because it just feels better to me and it’s compatible with the oils I use. The most important element of all these steps is your intention. Put your heart into the cleaning and also think about your desire. Keep in mind that you are preparing this bathroom for a ritual/spell. I recommend listening to one song over and over that makes you feel both peaceful and empowered.

  3. Leave the two Mason jars (with lids) close by the bath tub. Have the two candles and holders and the lighter on a stable place, either on the countertop or a table. Have the red towel in place and ready to dry you off. Look everything over and make sure it’s ready for your ritual. Your romantic/sexual music should be ready to turn on. Have the conjure oil right next to the bathtub. Have the bowl of fresh red flower petals next to the candles, ready to go.

  4. Next, if you need a shower, take the shower in a DIFFERENT bathroom. The reason for this is that the bath you will be taking for your ritual is not intended at all to get you clean. You need to be clean already for your ritual bath and have that freshly cleaned bathroom ready for your ritual.

  5. Once you’ve showered and dried off in the other bathroom, enter your ritual bathroom and turn on the music. Light your incense. Close the doors, open a window and stand in the doorway, thinking of your intention. Breathe deeply and allow all your sexual feelings to flow freely.

  6. If words come to your mind, use them. Your passion will guide you. If your passion is silent, then let that be.

  7. Light the first candle. This candle represents YOU. Place it in the holder.

  8. Take a small drop of your Follow Me Boy Oil and drop it onto the SECOND candle. This candle represents the one you want to follow you. Place the oil at the base of this candle and WITH PASSION anoint the candle all the way to the top. Then light it. Place it in the holder.

  9. When you are ready, fill your bath with water of a temperature that will thoroughly relax you. Do this slowly and with intention.

  10. Consciously sprinkle the red flower petals onto your bath water. Slowly pour the conjure oil into your bath and think of your intention; the one you want to follow you.

  11. Climb into the bath water and breathe in deeply. Soak and focus on your desire. Massage your body all over with the bath water. Do not miss any spot.

  12. When you are finished with your bath, exit and wrap yourself in the red bath towel, but don’t drain the tub yet. Fill each of the Mason jars with the bath water, making sure to get all the flower petals in the jars. Feel free to blow out the candles (with intention, of course, trusting that the spell is in progress).

  13. Before you dress, pour one jar of the water out your back window or back door, preferably into a garden-type or grassy spot; some place natural. Then get dressed and drain the tub. As soon as possible, go over to the home of the one you want to follow you and pour the water on his doorstep. In a commanding, quiet and serious voice, say, “Follow Me Boy!” Feel the spell tingle through your whole body and return home by the straightest and simplest route without looking back.

  14. Drain your tub.

If you need to adapt for any skin-sensitivity to the oil, simply do not pour the oil into the bath. Set the bottle into the bath with the lid on.

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I used follow me boy about six months ago and I don’t know if it genuinely worked but he seems to be infatuated with me, which makes me feel guilty because I want the love to be actually there and not a facade I unfairly placed on him… I heard love spells can be dangerous and or toxic and I was wondering if there was a way to lift this to set things to their natural state… I could just be overthinking but I want it to be fair to him.


Hi, Debreal. Thank you for the question!

You can perform the spell all the same by using a tree to symbolize his home. Check out this blog post for how you might do that:

Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be here for you. :)


What if I don’t know where he stay

Debreal Scott

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