Color Matters! Choosing the Right Colors for Your Rituals

Color Matters! Choosing the Right Colors for Your Rituals

The most important part of performing any ritual is PREPARATION. I will say that over and over again. Your preparation is what helps your ritual go as smoothly as possible so you and everyone involved can enjoy the best possible experience and results.

Few things are as important to prepare in advance as your INTENTION. The colors you choose for your candles, poppets, and any other symbols involved in your ritual are a major part of communicating that intention both to your coven or just to yourself and to whatever deities or demons you're petitioning. To keep it short and sweet, I've prepared a list of what colors usually symbolize. DO keep in mind that there are no such things as rigid color rules. If the color red means something entirely different to your heart and to the brothers and sisters in your coven and to your deity, then by all means disregard the color scheme I'm sharing here. The main thing to remember is to use a color that represents to you all your intention. Don't leave anything to chance when you're performing a ritual or spell. And your color choice is one of the key elements not to leave to chance. 

♦ Red: power, energy, love, health, passion.

♦ Purple: spirituality, physical and spiritual healing, strength, wisdom, contact with spirits, psychic sense, resistance to black magic.

♦ Green: money, abundance, luck, fertility, health, rebirth, generosity, and prosperity

♦ Blue: brotherly love, altruism, compassion, kindness

♦ Pink: love, unity, happiness, friendship.

♦ Black: confusion, bad luck, transfiguration, overcoming bad habits, grief, poverty, dark arts.

♦ White: peace, security, cleanliness, health, honesty, sincerity, protection

♦ Orange: support, flexibility, success, agility.

As always, make sure to be 100% clear with yourself and your deities about the intention of your ritual. It will make all the difference in the world!


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