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Witch Binder Spell/Ritual Kit

Witch Binder Spell/Ritual Kit

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Your Witch Binder Kit Comes With . . . 

* Spell Breaker Oil .5oz 
* Power Breaker Oil .5oz 
* Witch Binder Oil .5oz 
* Witch Binder Herbal Blend .5oz 
* Witch Binder BLACK Candle
* Guardian Angel Protection Oil .5oz 
* Stick of willow 
* Red scroll
* Complete instructions 
* Malachite Gemstone (much much smaller. Exaggerated in photo for illustration purposes only.)

What's the Witchbinder Spell Kit For?

When a strong curse persists with time (especially over generations), it feeds off of the Life Force of its victim and grows in power. With that power comes a disempowerment of the person suffering from it. The disempowerment eventually becomes subconscious and gets taken for granted; becoming incorporated into that person's way of life and how they view themselves and the world.  

This is also the case when someone has suffered ritual abuse or is simply the victim of false teachings.

Even though the witch who cast the curse (or the teacher who taught the false teaching) may be long dead, their memory in the person's DNA often serves as a limiting construct in the cursed person's life. 

It is through the practical and symbolic use of your Witch Binder Ritual that YOU dissolve that construct; stepping yourself past that subconscious process and past the witch (or false teacher), and canceling them out with YOUR OWN CONSCIOUS ACTION. 

This is THE REAL YOU restoring your power TO YOU and fully reclaiming it. At this point, you are ready to begin a whole new way of life: Empowered, bold,  SOVEREIGN and FREE. Congratulations in advance! 
Love, Rowan

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