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Water Elemental Oil: For Intuition, Creativity, Prophetic Dreams

Water Elemental Oil: For Intuition, Creativity, Prophetic Dreams

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We highly recommend anointing with our Water Elemental Oil when using divination tools such as runes, Tarot and crystal balls.

Twichery Water Elemental Oil is particularly useful for maximizing the productivity of your unconscious states.

For this process at bedtime, we recommend writing down a question you may have on a piece of paper and placing that paper into a small bowl of holy water at your bedside. For the effect of lucid and prophetic dreaming, place one drop of Twichery Water Elemental Oil into the holy water and anoint your temples with that same water. Great clarity and intuitions will come to you during your sleep.

What's Inside?

Twichery full-strength Water Elemental Oil contains the standard herbal elements of traditional Water Elemental formulas (including lemon balm, chamomile, sandalwood, vanilla, rose and, of course, balm of Gilead) PLUS our own "secret sauce" and special gemstone elixir blend (designed specifically for this formula) for maximum possible potency.

You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) Water Elemental Conjure Oil

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!


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