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Uncross & Banish Simple Spell Kit--With Simple Instructions--Complete and Easy

Uncross & Banish Simple Spell Kit--With Simple Instructions--Complete and Easy

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Twichery is Uncrossing Made Simple

For uncrossing, space-clearing, exorcisms, breaking hexes, banishing negativity and evil spirits.

Other Traditional Names for this Formula:

  • Evil Be Gone
  • Uncrossing Oil
  • Banishing Oil
  • Exorcism Oil
  • Go Away!
  • Ghost Chaser
  • Hex Breaker
  • Space Clearing Oil


No more guessing! Each kit comes with simple, easy-to-follow spell instructions (only 10 simple steps!), including EXACT measurements

  • Complete your spell in as little as 20 minutes
  • With tones of peppermint, cayenne, and very strong garlic
  • Comes beautifully wrapped, suitable for gift-giving
  • Contains enough herb and oil for multiple spells
  • The most simple and complete do-it-yourself uncrossing kit on the market
  • Formulated to leave you with a protective spiritual barrier against future attacks

Don't be fooled by our beautiful labels; our products are lovingly hand-crafted by a witch and in a witch's home (Rowan Agatha's home to be exact!) and never in a factory or warehouse.

What Comes In Your Kit:

  • Twichery Uncross & Banish Simple Herbal Blend (.68 ounce)
  • Twichery Uncross & Banish Simple Spell Oil (.5 ounce)
  • Plain brown paper as packaging and for spell-casting purposes
  • Simple and concise spell instructions
  • 6-inch WHITE candle

Note: I If you leave us a note on your order, we will provide small, medium, or large latex gloves. Just let us know what size you'd like. (Gloves will only be sent if you request them.)


  • Contains very strong garlic and cayenne.
  • Gloves recommended as the garlic smell can remain on skin, and cayenne can burn skin.
  • Not intended for internal use or on skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Never leave flame unattended.

Don't let random negative energies spoil your life or your day or even one MINUTE of your precious time. Twichery is Uncrossing Made Simple!

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