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Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan Singing Bowls

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Embark on a journey through time with our Ancient Thadobati Decorated Design, showcasing a collection of seven Thadobati-shaped singing bowls. Each bowl is characterized by high walls, straight edges, and a subtly flat base—an ode to timeless design. Adorned in resplendent gold, every piece is adorned with seven distinct Buddhist symbols at the inner bases, complemented by enchanting curvy patterns engraved on the outer walls. The outer base of each Tibetan Singing Bowl features the Crossed Vajra, adding a touch of spiritual elegance.

Experience the multi-benefit healing prowess of these bowls, harmonizing physical, spiritual, and mental energy through sound and vibration. Rooted in ancient sound therapy, these bowls resonate with positive energy, influencing every cell in the body. The result? A cascade of health benefits, including stress relief, reduced depression, pain alleviation, migraine relief, lower blood pressure, and a remedy for insomnia (sleep disorders).

Gift with purpose—our 7-piece Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is perfect for those who cherish meditation, yoga, or spirituality. These exquisite bowls not only enhance the aesthetics of any space but also contribute to a serene and spiritual ambiance. Whether presented as a set or individually to seven special individuals, this gift carries a profound sense of purpose.

Tune your chakras with the seven distinct tones produced by these chakra bowls. Aligned with the body's seven chakras, they foster balance in mind, body, and spirit. Chakra Healing with Singing Bowls, an age-old practice, unfolds its tremendous healing powers as the powerful reverberations influence brainwave patterns, inducing a profound state of relaxation.

Crafted with precision using supreme quality materials, these singing bowls resonate with excellence. Meticulously fashioned from seven metals—gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, and lead—they produce a strong, well-tuned sound. Each finished product undergoes individual inspection by authorized professionals and sound healing experts, ensuring unparalleled quality and resonance.

Each set comes with 7 Silk Cushions, Brocade Container Box, Buddhist Prayer Flag (Om Mane Padme Hum), 3 Wooden Mallets







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