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Power & Prestige Oil: For Charisma, Fame, Riches and Extravagant Good Luck

Power & Prestige Oil: For Charisma, Fame, Riches and Extravagant Good Luck

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Our customers tell us the fragrance ALONE of this mysterious oil makes them feel invincible. Some have said that without doing anything else differently, their friends claim to see an amazing change in the way they carry themselves. We cannot guarantee that our Power & Prestige Oil will make you rich and famous, but it will definitely give you a major edge in the process. 

Twichery Power & Prestige Oil is formulated using herbs, roots and essential oils that have always been known for their magical ability to boost charisma, enhance natural beauty, and bring good fortune.

Twichery Power & Prestige Oil is terrific for that "extra something" to make you stand out above the crowd or for gaining a little notoriety. Use in any situation where you know you have to be THE absolute 10 to get the job, the guy, or the major role.

We look forward to hearing YOUR story about how our Power & Prestige Oil helped turn YOU into a rockstar!

Note: Twichery Power & Prestige Conjure Oil is especially potent when combined with a touch of Twichery High John Oil. We would normally just add it in (and we do), but the feedback we receive is that a drop of our actual High John Oil added by you will literally double the potency of the Power & Prestige Conjure Oil!




You will receive one 5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Power & Prestige Conjure Oil.

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!


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