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Law Stay Away Oil: Make Unwanted People Mind Their Own Beeswax!

Law Stay Away Oil: Make Unwanted People Mind Their Own Beeswax!

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Use this traditional Hoodoo oil to keep nosy neighbors, unwanted visitors, old lovers, the police, and anybody who thinks they have the right to know what you're up to as far away as possible.

Our Law Stay Away Oil also serves to ward off law suits, arrests and make authorities forget to deliver papers.

Works as a general court case oil as well. Has also been used as a means to make a bad situation turn in your favor. (Click this link for our actual Court Case Oil.)

It is most powerful when used SPECIFICALLY. If you know someone is often trying to get into your business, you can dress a candle with their name carved into it with this oil and it will target them with a mind-wipe any time they come near you. 

Note: Remember this is a DRESSING oil rather than an anointing oil, which means it is not for use on the body. Terrific for candle dressing. Can also be placed on legal documents to lessen their effects against you.



You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Law Stay Away Conjure Oil



Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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