Gris Gris Oil from Twichery, Jocky Club, Helping Hand, Barefoot, All-Purpose, Gregory, amulet, Africa, Wisdom
Gris Gris Oil from Twichery, Original Jala Jala, Witch Shoppe, Voudou, All-purpose, Added Energy
Gris Gris Oil from Twichery, Original, Magical Oil, Augment strength, gris gris bag, mojo bag, spell
Gris Gris Oil: Boost Your Luck, Prosperity, and Protection
Gris Gris Oil from Twichery, External use, Botanica, Magical guard, Mojo bag, Spell Wicca Hoodoo, Voodoo, Talisman

Gris Gris Oil: Boost Your Luck, Prosperity, and Protection

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Our Gris Gris is nothing more or less than your traditional hoodoo stand-by with our only addition being a special gemstone elixir blend, so you have the additional power of The Mineral Kingdom on your side. It is excellent for boosting confidence, charisma, luck and protection.

To increase the personal nature of this oil, it is important to add your own ingredients based on your purpose, but make sure you add TWO distinct different ingredients if you add to this oil, as the number of elements within it needs to be ODD and NO MORE THAN 13.

In the blend we send you, there are NINE ingredients. You may add such other ingredients as cat fur, dog fur, chicken bones (painted black), hair, a finger nail, a tooth or piece of a tooth, or any other object that once belonged to someone or some animal. Here is a list of reasons you might add some of these other ingredients:

black cat fur: luck in gambling
wild or strong animal tooth: protection
feather from a black hen: uncrossing
white dove feather: healing
black dog fur: cause someone's divorce
eggshell powder: purification, uncrossing
graveyard dirt: (choose this based on the person who is under the ground--if they were a good person, graveyard dirt is good for protection)

The most important part of using our Gris Gris Oil is (after you've added your ingredients) to open the bottle, speak your intention over the bottle, and then BREATHE LIFE into the bottle. Then close the lid and add it to your Gris Gris Bag.

Your Gris Gris bag should contain amulets, talismans, lucky stones, coins, and representations of the deities of your tribe. Make sure to do your homework for that Gris Gris Bag. The more you know what you're doing and why, the more powerful your Gris Gris Bag can be.

One last warning: Having more than 13 items in this oil IS BAD LUCK. So just don't risk it. With the nine that are currently in it, you can safely add FOUR, but no more.

You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Gris Gris Conjure Oil



Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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