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Ghost Ellen - 60" Willow Broom

Ghost Ellen - 60" Willow Broom

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"Ghost Ellen" is the name this broom let me know she wanted to be called as I was making her. She is one-of-a-kind. Once she is ordered, this listing will be removed.


Ghost Ellen is a 60" Willow Broom. She is woven with artificial sinew and stitched with white nylon twine. She comes with a leather strap.

Willow is associated with the Moon and the water element. Willow brooms make wonderful companions for helping to release old traumas and negative energies. They are also adept at helping their companions to heal emotionally, to connect with their intuition, and to ease joyfully into new beginnings. 

Ghost Ellen was born in spring on March 18, 2024, so she loves springtime, welcomes change, and is an expert on bringing joy. 

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