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Forget Me Not Oil: Create Obsession in Your Target

Forget Me Not Oil: Create Obsession in Your Target

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Important Note: If you are looking for an oil to promote enduring love, we recommend our Chuparrosa Oil.

Our Forget Me Not Oil is in Dark Arts (as well as the Family Life Collection) for a reason; depending on the power and intention of your spell, it can be used for everything from making your husband UNABLE to forget to bring home the milk tonight to getting (and keeping) a song in someone else's head indefinitely. Remember "The Song that Never Ends"? THAT'S what I'm talking about (shudder).

Do NOT use this oil with a strong spell (or a power booster of any kind) on someone you love whom you don't want to forget you personally; because if the person truly loves you, then obviously they're not going to forget you. If you use this on someone you love, make sure it's a gentle spell about one little thing that they'll forget about once the task is complete (again, like not forgetting the milk). 

WHY in Heaven's name would anybody use this oil on anybody full strength or with a power booster? Because if someone has been harassing you unceasingly and you need them to get preoccupied about something else besides you, then your spell with this oil should do the trick. And then once they're leaving you alone, just be sure to undo it. (This can also be accomplished by putting an end date for its effectiveness.)

At that point if they start bothering you again, just remind them, "Remember those four weeks when you had 'The Song That Never Ends' stuck in your head? That was me. And if you don't leave me alone, I'll do it again." 

This is one of our few Dark Arts Oils that is generally safe for use on skin. But again, mind others' personal space, and dress a candle instead if it's for an enemy. 

As with the use of ANY magick, please be wise.

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