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Focus & Inspiration: Clear Your Mind and Welcome Creative Genius!

Focus & Inspiration: Clear Your Mind and Welcome Creative Genius!

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(Note: Our Focus & Inspiration Oil formerly had a different name, but we have changed it now to Focus & Inspiration as the other was the intellectual property of one of our competitors. Our Focus & Inspiration Oil is the same tried-and-true formula we have been using all along, and with all the same original potency.)

In Twichery Focus & Inspiration Oil, we used the herbs and essential oils Mother Nature designed herself specifically, first for releasing negative energies and feelings and second, for strengthening the link between your conscious processes and your subconscious fountain of intuition and creativity.

One of our customers reported having had an incredibly frustrating bout with writer's block right after her divorce. She felt like the words just wouldn't come to her anymore, as if something key in her creativity was lost after that relationship ended. Not only did our Focus & Inspiration Oil clear out the lies she had learned to believe about herself, but it made way for all the new growth that had just been stifled and waiting to spring out of her. At this point, she was finally able to overcome the negativity and begin her very best work.

The spirits associated with these herbs are abundantly eager to help you create your greatest masterpieces so far!

Please share your story about how Twichery Focus & Inspiration Oil reawakens YOUR genius and puts you right on the clear pathway toward making the world a better place! We're so excited to hear your thoughts and are THRILLED to post success stories right here on the listing (with your permission only, of course).

P.S. A convenient little side-effect of using this oil is that you might attract more money suddenly. Just a heads-up about that.



You Will Receive one .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Focus & Inspiration Conjure Oil.

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!


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