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Fire Elemental Oil: Goal-Setting, Transformation, Quests, Initiation

Fire Elemental Oil: Goal-Setting, Transformation, Quests, Initiation

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Note: Twichery Fire Elemental Oil contains ACTUAL VOLCANIC ROCK, so be sure to remove the rock when you're done with your spell and use it as a talisman until the action of your spell has come to pass! It is a bead so can be worn on a chain or cord.

Fire is ACTIVE. Associated with passion, direction, and proactivity, use Fire Elemental Oil to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for your next rite of passage.

Wearing Twichery Fire Elemental Oil signifies both to you and to your guides that you are eager to become what your destiny is calling you to be and to be an active participant in that transformation.

Our customers have used Twichery Fire Elemental Oil for blessingway ceremonies, initiation rituals, or for simply sending a loved son or daughter off to college.

With Fire Elemental Oil, you are fully up to the task. We wish you all the best in your quest!



What's Inside?

Twichery full-strength Fire Elemental Oil contains herbals and essential oils associated with fire, (including Holly, Volcanic Rock, Clove, Juniper, and Coriander) PLUS our own "secret sauce" and special gemstone elixir blend (designed specifically for this Fire Elemental formula) for maximum possible potency. We look forward to hearing what you do with the power that is truly within you!



You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Fire Elemental Oil!


Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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