Twichery Do As I Say Oil forces others to obey your words. Hoodoo Voodoo Wicca, Pagan, Traditional Witchcraft Mojo Art Root
Twichery Do As I Say is our Most Powerful Commanding Conjure Oil, Gain Influence, Original, Mojo, Lucky, Controlling, Dark Arts
Twichery Do As I Say for Gaining Influence. Our most potent commanding conjure oil, Original, Hoodoo formula, lucky, Dark Arts
Do As I Say Oil - Twichery, Wonder, Power to Command Others, Obey, Original Hoodoo Botanica, Influence Herbal Power Oil
Do As I Say Oil - Twichery, power to command, controlling, mojo, influence, obey, luck, Indio, Commanding Oil, Compelling

Do As I Say Oil: Control the Behavior of Others

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You Think You Know What's Best? Let's Find Out.

When combined with your know-how, Twichery Do As I Say Oil is, by far, our most powerful Controlling Oil. 

As with any magick aimed at controlling the behavior of others, first check your heart. Because Twichery Do As I Say Oil makes it nearly impossible for your target to resist performing any command that comes out of your mouth.

Oddly enough, it does not win you the person's heart. On the contrary, it feels more to them like an unwanted addiction. After the person does what you told them to do, if you have done it without love, they will feel controlled and resentful.

Refer back to Ella Enchanted if you want a reference. They may not know how you're doing it, but believe me, they will soon be making plans for how to escape your curse and they may even move toward vengeance. So watch yourself and be responsible, as you will likely get what you wish for.

(Notes: If you want the person to willingly and happily submit to your commands in a mutually beneficial Dom/Sub relationship, we recommend using Twichery Domination and Submission Oils.)

(And for magickally helping children to be more obedient, we recommend our Gentle Parenting Trio.)


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