Twichery Deep Emotional Healing Oil is formulated  specifically for dealing with deep-seated childhood traumas. For ADULTS ONLY!

Deep Emotional Healing Oil: For Use ONLY When You're Willing to Fully Face the Truth

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Emotional Healing is On the Way!

Note: This Deep Emotional Healing formula is for harms and issues caused by childhood traumas. It is best used with the help of a qualified and caring THERAPIST as it can cause you to face very deep and painful hurts that you didn't even know you had. Only use this oil if you are emotionally prepared to face painful truths, if you are enlisting the help of a qualified and caring therapist, and when you are in a position to take some time off from responsibilities.

For a more mild formula for more recent hurts and a less deep traumas and treatment of them, we recommend instead our regular Healing Oil.


How to Use Twichery Deep Emotional Healing Oil

We recommend that you NOT use this oil on anyone else besides yourself because it needs to be used ONLY as a personal choice; a personal choice to face your deepest fears, a personal choice to learn the most difficult truths, and a personal choice to face deep-seated hurts. It is for ADULTS ONLY. 

It can be used as an anointing oil (mixed with a carrier) or as a candle dressing. Be certain to be clear with your deities about your intent for using this oil, and be prepared to take a little bit of time off work to process. Best if used with the aid of a qualified and caring therapist. 

You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Deep Emotional Healing Ritual/Spell Oil


 See also our regular, more
mild formula Healing Oil:


Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

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