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Crystal White Singing Bowls

Crystal White Singing Bowls

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Discover the world of crystal singing bowls with this meticulously crafted set from. Each set comes with seven premium crystal bowls ranging in size from 6" to 12" (12" corresponds to C, 11" to D, 10" to E, 9" to F, 8" to G, 7" to A, and 6" to B). Every set is thoughtfully bundled with 2 suede mallets, 2 rubber mallets, 7 rubber O-rings, and 2 stylish purple carrying bags, complete with 5 inserts.

Unleash the power of vibrational sound healing and meditation with these crystal singing bowls. Ideal for various practices, including prayer, Buddhist rituals, yoga, stress reduction, and chakra balancing, these bowls contribute to the harmonization of emotional states.

Skillfully hammered by craftsmen to ensure precise tuning and harmonious sound production. Each bowl is not just an instrument but a unique musical masterpiece, adding a touch of uniqueness to your sound healing journey. 

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