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Calming Oil: Relieve Stress & Tension, Relax Your Mind - Lodestone

Calming Oil: Relieve Stress & Tension, Relax Your Mind - Lodestone

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Twichery's Calming Oil is an ideal rescue remedy for situations where you feel anxious, confused, or stressed out.

Remember it in advance, when you know you'll be in a difficult circumstance and it acts as a preventative, so even though there's trouble outside of you, your heart stays calm.

Twichery Calming Oil is excellent for helping children who aren't yet too great at calming themselves. Many of our customers have told us that by placing a small drop of this magical oil on their finger and gently rubbing it into the child's neck, an immediate calm will set in.

Do it to your own neck first if you're starting to feel yourself freaking out; same as putting on your own oxygen mask in the airplane first. ;)




You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery Calming Conjure Oil


Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

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