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Anger Be Gone Oil: Moving On, Inner Peace, Forgiveness Lodestone

Anger Be Gone Oil: Moving On, Inner Peace, Forgiveness Lodestone

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When dealing with anger, we at Twichery have found it incredibly helpful first to differentiate between forgiveness and moving on.

FORGIVENESS is what you give people who recognize their error, apologize for it and change the way they treat you. It's for when both people want to work on and improve the relationship. 

MOVING ON is for when the person doesn't/won't recognize their error, doesn't/can't apologize for it, and won't/can't change the way they treat you moving forward; it means, for the sake of your own peace of mind, setting aside the burden of carrying a grudge and then making sure you never put yourself in a position for them hurt you again.

Moving on is about self-respect only, and has nothing at all to do with the other person or the relationship. Forgiveness, on the other hand, is a gift for the other person who actually wants and deserves it (by sincerely apologizing and making amends) and the beginning of actually mending the broken relationship. 

Our Anger Be Gone Oil works best in combination with self-respect, and making sure that whether you offer forgiveness or you just move on, that which is actually causing the anger will be dealt with. Our Anger Be Gone Oil will NOT work if you are in denial or avoidance of the root causes of your anger. Self-awareness, as always, is absolutely key in the effectiveness of this magick. 



What's Inside?

Twichery's Anger Be Gone Oil is a very very simple formula of sunflower as a carrier and essential oils and herbs that generate a softening of the heart.



You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery's Anger Be Gone Conjure Oil

Happy Spell Crafting and Blessed Be!


Satisfaction Guaranteed

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