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All Night Long Oil: Sexual Stamina, Passionate Arousal, Seduction

All Night Long Oil: Sexual Stamina, Passionate Arousal, Seduction

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If you're feeling romantic but your lover often comes home feeling stressed out, relax! Twichery's All Night Long Oil is particularly helpful when your lover has a lot weighing on his/her mind and needs some help letting go of it.

If your lover is a highly responsible person and has difficulty forgetting about the troubles of the day or has difficulty opening up, this oil is for you.

True to its name, our All Night Long Oil will not only help your lover release the cares of the day, it will make him/her voracious for a good long while--maybe even ALL NIGHT!

Add one or two drops to your massage oil and a prayer to Venus (or other love deity of your choice) and watch the bedroom take fire!




You Will Receive

One .5 oz. (15ml) bottle of Twichery's All Night Long Conjure Oil. 





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