Wisdom in The Craft: Cease to Make Erroneous Assumptions

Wisdom in The Craft

I received a message from a customer today and thought I would share not the name of the writer but the content. Here is what the individual said:

"I noticed that you either didn't, didn't want or wouldn't speak to my last message. All the ones before, you answered without hesitation. There were some things I said and asked you as well in that last message - and of course you simply ignored. Well this action from you is quite enough to persuade me not to buy from you. I AM GLAD."

Here is the response I sent and I am including it here as a blog post because for anyone who wishes to be wise not only in their practice of The Craft but also in LIFE ITSELF, it is an ABSOLUTE MUST to overcome our very human and natural tendency to jump to erroneous conclusions. Here is my response:

"One thing, [Name], that would be wise, is not to make erroneous assumptions. I am not faulting you for this. It is very common for people to do and it takes time and age and sincere effort to learn how not to do this. 

"You may not accept me as an instructor. That's up to you. But the actual and only data you have is that my response was slower than the last time I responded. I will repeat that:

"The actual and only data you have is that my response was slower than the last time I responded.

"You have no data at all to substantiate that I 'didn't want' or 'wouldn't' speak to your last message. You construed from my previous responses that I should always respond with that same speed.

"You also had no data at all to substantiate that I 'simply ignored' your last message.

"Not knowing me and not seeing my facial expressions, you may think I am angry here. But do not assume that, as you would be wrong. If you were looking in my eyes right now, you would see kindness and understanding.

"So my responses to your unsubstantiated assumptions are these: First of all eBay requests that we respond within 24 hours. Which I do.

"Second of all, I have been working my other job all day long and am only now finally getting to my messages here on eBay.

"Why am I telling you this? Not at all because I care whether you buy from me or not. I am telling you this because making erroneous assumptions is causing great harm to humanity. Many people do not even recognize when they are doing it. Not only that, but they are treated unmercifully by others when they do it, which makes them even more likely not to trust people and to continue to make erroneous assumptions.

"I encourage you, Friend, to BE WISE. Do not allow yourself to make erroneous, unsubstantiated assumptions because (more importantly than anything else) it will make you inaccurate in situations where patience would have netted much better results, namely 1) a more perfect knowledge, 2) greater personal integrity, and 3) far more accuracy in your thoughts, words, and actions, and in your practice in The Craft.

"If you wish to be wise in your use of The Magickal Arts, let my counsel be your blessing.

"Sincerely, Rowan"

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