When You're Cursed, Have Tried EVERYTHING and Nothing Works, TRY THIS!

When You're Cursed, Have Tried EVERYTHING and Nothing Works, TRY THIS!

A customer messaged me recently who had been to so many spiritual workers to get rid of her curse that she stopped counting somewhere around 20, and all to ZERO avail. Absolutely NOBODY knew what to do or how to help her.

Finally she came to me.

When she TRIED to order from my website and had her order nearly complete, she got a message saying that her order could not be processed or delivered for her location, which is absolutely weird because she lives here in the United States and we deliver EVERYWHERE in the United States. So whatever her curse, it was actively preventing her even from purchasing something that might be of effect. 

Finally she contacted me directly and here is what I told her. And I will tell you that I have told this same story to MANY people and IT WORKS. And if you're dealing with the same persistence in a curse, I am pleased to help you meet it in such a way that, through your own initiative, it will transforms itself into a blessing. And I have never heard of this NOT working. I'm literally waiting for someone to tell me that it doesn't work. Here's what I said to her and I'm just pasting from the email and changing only her name for the sake of her privacy:

"Camille, thank you for messaging me about this. It is very weird indeed that it didn't let you post your order. I've never heard of that happening before and it definitely sounds like something 'extra' is going on. But you've got me here and I'm glad we connected."

(Note: At this point I made a special arrangement with her to help the order to through a different channel that would definitely be able to get to her.)

"As far as the curse that has befallen you, I do have an idea, and it comes with a story: My sister was being followed by a curse for a very long time and there appeared to be absolutely nothing she could do about it. Again, she had tried everything, or so she thought.

"I suggested that she use a Dream Oil, thinking that maybe an answer could come to her in her dreams with the help of her deity about WHERE this curse was coming from and, MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY.

"The very first night she had a dream of a time when she was younger and my dad had taken her hunting. He often took her with him and she hated it. But one day when they were out . . . well, the details are unpleasant. But when the animal was dying, it wasn't looking at my dad (who was the guilty party), but rather it was looking directly at my sister.

"Her dream helped her to realize that this was the point where all the bad things had started happening. NOTHING she had done from that time up until the time she spoke to me could even touch the curse.

"The next few nights she petitioned her deity to help her get in contact with that specific animal, and her deity helped her to do that. Over the course of a few nights and with the softening influence of her deity, she was able to contact that animal, reconcile with that animal, explain what had happened and make a plan (with the animal's guidance) for how to make restitution.

"In the next few weeks the animal directed her to an animal rescue place and to a particular dog whom she was to take home. Over time she has cultivated a very strong and spiritual connection with this animal and it has been a spirit guide for her ever since. And she has been able to make a very close connection with a beloved and formerly-traumatized pet.

"I'm not saying this is what has happened to you, obviously. Because I don't know your situation, and every situation is different. But the pattern is a solid one; our dreams can help us realize what's going on and why. It would also explain why nothing she had done up to that point would work; you don't simply or easily get rid of a curse that is rooted in something that needs dealing with on a deep personal level. Let me say that again:


"Whenever someone messages me about having used my Uncrossing Oil and it 'does nothing' or my Exorcism Oil and it 'did nothing' and they've 'tried everything' and it has 'done nothing,' THIS kind of situation is what I've come to suspect and (most usually) to be right about; SOMETHING occurred in the past that is unresolved to either one or both parties, and that thing ain't goin' NOWHERE without being addressed DIRECTLY.

This is ESPECIALLY common with experiences that were horrible for you, where you were JUST as much a victim in it, and that your subconscious has tried to bury it. No, it may certainly NOT be your fault. But it definitely IS yours to deal with. 

"So Dream Oil, my friend. And in the end, you are likely to find that this curse transforms itself, through your initiative, into one of the greatest blessings of your life.

As always, I am here for you and happy to be at your service.

Sincerely, Rowan

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I have this same thing happening and it’s been with me for over 20 years. I wish I could find some help… you do not ship to Canada either so that just adds to this experience! Mercy, I say…. <3


This was such a powerful post. Has this client ever responded to you with the results she experienced.


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