What To Do If You're Being Haunted

What To Do If You're Being Haunted

This is a cut-and-paste Q&A post.

QUESTION: I wanted to know if this Banishing Oil would work for someone who lived in the home I live in before I bought it. I'm not even sure its just him here. I set a camera up in my back bedroom and between 12pm and 5am there's thousands of orbs flying. Whatever it is is also affecting my dogs. I need help. I'll order this just to see if you will help me. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Brianna

ANSWER:  Hi, Brianna. And thank you for messaging me about this.

Before you use anything for banishing or exorcism, I would recommend instead starting with a Reveal Oil so you can find out WHY these things are happening. The orbs may or may not be connected to the person's unquiet spirit. They likely are, but you will want to understand the level of power you need to get the job done and not to overdo it. I'll give you an example of why.

I have a friend who's very intuitive and able to interact with spirits, so she serves as a spiritual counselor sometimes; sometimes on purpose, sometimes on accident. One time she was visiting with a friend who said he was having problems with a spirit or ghost in he home. She just casually agreed to make contact with the spirit and find out what was going on and what the spirit needed.

It turned out that spirit was stuck and had been trying to get out for some time. He knew he wasn't supposed to be in the home and didn't want to be in the home, but he couldn't locate the portal to get out and move on to his next phase. He didn't know how he had gotten trapped in that house (because it hadn't even been his in life). So my friend agreed to go back there with an Open Portal Oil and help him to find his way to where he needed to be. He wasn't an aggressive spirit or an angry spirit. He was just lost and making noise as he was trying to get out.

So she was able to help this spirit move on to his next phase AND she was able to help the home owner.

Had she just gone in with a Banishing Oil, it would have done her ZERO good because the spirit didn't even know how to get out. It probably would just have caused him more spiritual harm and hurt the relationship between him and the owner of the house even more. In the end, everybody had their needs met.

So this is why I recommend the Reveal Oil.

You yourself may not be comfortable talking to the spirit, and that is perfectly understandable. But you likely do have a friend who is intuitive that way and who would be able to help you communicate. You could also use a Fiery Wall of Protection Oil just to make sure there is protective barrier between you and the spirit, because of course sometimes when you communicate with a spirit, they try to take you over, which you certainly don't want to risk.

It would be only after you find out what's going on that you do a banishing if it's needed. Some spirits will go willingly if asked, and it's always best to start with minimum viable force.

Please of course lmk if you have any other questions and I'm here for you.

Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery








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