The Most Powerful Use of Hot Foot Powder: Create (and Keep!) Real Boundaries!

The Most Powerful Use of Hot Foot Powder: Create (and Keep!) Real Boundaries!


Question: I want to use Twichery Hot Foot Powder but I rent an apartment and of course it's a building where people come and go all the time and it's not my property. How do I use Hot Foot Powder if I can't sprinkle it all the way around my home?

Answer: With regard to using Twichery Hot Foot Powder in a place where others can come and go and that isn't your own personal private property, there is a MUCH better way to use it and that is to write out your intention before you sprinkle it about what IS your property. Because YES that physical apartment complex may not be your own. BUT there is a LOT THERE that is your own and to which ONLY YOU have a right. You KNOW your place.

For example, if their apartment is upstairs from yours and they walk past your doorstep to go up those stairs, your hot foot powder is not going to keep them from crossing your front door area. But that doesn't even matter. You can justifiably say aloud and rightly SPECIFICALLY WHAT IS YOURS that they ARE NOT TO CROSS; your emotional boundaries, for example. YOUR threshold of the place you are renting. YOUR family. YOUR stewardships. Twichery Hot Foot Powder isn't just for a physical place; it can be for mental and emotional places.

In other words, your Hot Foot Powder is more FOR you than AGAINST them. It is YOU telling YOURSELF what the boundaries of their influence are and can be. It is YOU marking the territory that is JUSTIFIABLY YOURS and LIMITING their influence no matter what they do. And this is its most powerful use. It is symbolic to YOU holding your ground and your boundaries. It is to reinforce TO YOU YOUR CHARACTER. YOUR sovereignty. YOUR presence. YOUR validity. When all of that is strong, it is repulsive to people who want to invade you because you are no longer an easy target.

This works because most people who would do you harm are weak-minded and they're not expecting others to be strong and emotionally cool at the same time. THIS is your advantage. And your Twichery Hot Foot Powder just reinforces that IN YOU.

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