The Levels of Crossed Conditions and What You Need for Each

The Levels of Crossed Conditions and What You Need for Each


This is another exchange from a customer and I'm cutting and pasting here because it's a question I get A LOT. And the question is this: What oil and spell do you use when you think you've been cursed? 

Here's the cut-and-paste:

To break a spell/curse/hex, it depends on the severity of the situation. For general bad luck/bad vibes/negative energy, I would go with Twichery Uncrossing Oil. 

If some amateur has purposely put a curse on you and it's not just bad energy floating around, I would go with Twichery Spell Breaker Oil. And I would go with this oil as well if someone has paid someone else to put a spell on you. Because if someone has been PAID by someone else to put the spell on you, it's not at all likely that paid person is going to put the effort into maintaining that spell/curse once he/she has performed it. They usually only get paid one time to do a one-time spell, and they haven't the energy to keep reinforcing it again and again.

If an experienced, ruthless witch has put a curse on you and has something personally against you, I would go with the Witch Binder Kit.

Do note that if the curse is extreme enough to use the Witch Binder Kit, be SURE you read the entire listing because the spell is quite involved and you want to make sure you can do it EXACTLY as it says before you buy. Most of my oils can be used in whatever way seems good. But that's NOT the way with the Witch Binder Kit, as that one needs to be done EXACTLY as instructed, otherwise you could end up with more problems. Kind of like hitting a beehive with a stick. And you DON'T want that!

And if you have already "TRIED EVERYTHING" AND "NOTHING WORKS" (which indeed does happen when a very experienced person places a curse on you), I would have someone else who is equally experienced break the curse FOR YOU. For this, I recommend Oshunslight. You can find website either at Oshunslight or on Instagram. She is THE last person whose magick I would want to be at the other end of because she TOTALLY KNOWS HER STUFF.

The problem most people run into when they've been cursed is that they don't know exactly where the curse has come from, so you really have to start at the bottom, and if the simple Uncrossing doesn't work, then you need to work your way up the ladder.

And one more thing to be aware of: If you have wittingly or unwittingly brought a curse upon yourself or if you are dealing with an intergenerational curse put on your family by a witch who has long since passed, please read my blog post on that by clicking HERE.

I hope this helps, my friend. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I'm here for you.

Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery

P.S. And one more thing you might consider if you know someone has cursed you is a Return To Sender Spell. I use my Reversing Oil for that. It basically just speeds up the karma by sending the spell right back to where it came from. 


P.P.S. Some people aren't so concerned about removing a curse as they are about retaliating. If that's what you're looking for, there are other oils for that that I haven't covered in this post but that you may find useful HERE.

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