Regarding Dragon's Blood and Its Uses

Regarding Dragon's Blood and Its Uses

Quick post here. I had a customer just order both Dragon's Blood Double Dark and Dragon's Buzz (which is our Dragon's Blood Double Dark with Espresso) and she requested advice for their application. Here's my response:

My primary use for Dragon's Blood (in general) is as an enhancer/spell-booster, and every time I use it, I research the spell THOROUGHLY FIRST because the Dragon's Blood will enhance the strength of any spell you do. For this reason, I have conducted VERY FEW spells with Dragon's Blood. If I don't have time to do the research regarding my new particular spell, then I just do the spell without it. 

With the Dragon's Buzz, you're looking at FASTER. And because it's with the Double Dark, you're also looking at stronger. So again, the main thing is to do your research. I would literally WRITE OUT your spell before you begin it. That might seem tedious, but it gives you the opportunity to really scrutinize what you're asking for. With all my spells I do at least an outline, but when I involve Dragon's Blood, I go word for word because it will essentially put a magnifying glass on the spell in every way.

And with the Dragon's Buzz, it is WONDERFUL for generating insane lust. So of course you want that placed VERY carefully. Know thyself. That is my best advice with these oils.

If you're familiar with "Sabrina" (Netflix) think NOT doing what she does. Yes, her heart is "in the right place" (or at least trying to be), but THAT'S NOT ENOUGH. You must know what you're doing whether you're using it in white or dark magick. 

Don't let that scare you off. If you are involved in The Craft and called to it, then taking the time to educate yourself is well worth it and you don't need to go around being afraid. We are the agents of blessing humanity and the world, and it's worth patience.

There are obviously a lot of ways you can go wrong with any spell. But the one thing I personally would never do, not even with a ton of research is 1) use Dragon's Buzz any sooner than three months to a full year after a necromancy spell and 2) combine it with any chaotic magick. Just . . . don't. And always make sure you check your ethics with everything you do.

I hope that helps!

Sincerely, Rowan

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