Know Thyself: An Open Road and the Beginning of Wisdom

Know Thyself: An Open Road and the Beginning of Wisdom


In case you haven't heard me say it before, I'll say it again now, and I encourage you to listen even if it hurts. Because yes it may come off as bad news, but it's actually very very GOOD news, depending entirely on how accurately you view both yourself and Reality. And here it is:

This magick you and I are dealing with here is not Disney magic; I am not Ursula the Sea Witch from whom you can order a simple magical potion and suddenly have all your problems solved and your dreams come true. 

Now most people want to believe real magick is the same thing as Disney magic. In other words, they want someone to LIE to them; they're looking for a simple and easy way out of their problems that accommodates their immaturity, short-sightedness, lusts, and an oversimplified view of reality and what they think will make them happy. And this delusion is very often what brings them to my products and to my blog.

So yes, I am grateful for that delusion. We have all been captured by it at one time or another, and if it's why you're here, then WELCOME to my parlor! Pull up a cushion and a throw blanket and you can picture me bringing out coffee and cakes and making our little chat here both as comforting and illuminating as possible. 

Here's why you DON'T want me to cater to the Disney Delusion (in other words LIE to you): You are a beautiful, complex, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional being. In addition to that, Reality Itself is equally beautiful, complex, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, as are all the people and situations in your life (including the ones who aren't so beautiful). That said, would you really want to waste years believing the lie that the answers to such complexities are as simple as throwing magick potions at them? If you do, then I encourage you to find some huckster who is perfectly happy to make a buck or two or twenty or two hundred off your gullibility without teaching you a single thing about yourself. 

But if you're interested in the TRUTH, then tuck in because here it is:

ANYONE'S magickal products, specifically the products you are drawn to, serve as POINTERS not only at what you hope to achieve, but to the kind of person you are and to the kind of person you will eventually become. They are tools not only for crafting spells but for CRAFTING YOURSELF. If you'd like to think of a Disney character that actually exemplifies this, remember the Wicked Queen in Snow White. Her magick, even though she WANTED it to make her "The Fairest One of All," actually turned her into a murderous hag who was ugly both inside and out. 

How did her magick do this? Good old-fashioned KARMA. And I don't mean the mystical kind; I mean the REAL KIND; the karma that predicts if you behave in evil ways, you will BECOME EVIL; the kind that predicts if you behave in ways that bless, you will become a BLESSING. Your potions and your spell work, as night follows the day, will turn you into the kind of person you act like. 

So before you purchase anything from me, I encourage you to sit down with pen and paper. Write down these five questions and answer them truthfully and thoroughly. Nobody has to see your answers but you, so be as honest with yourself as you can.

  1. What feeling is prompting my need to do this spell?
  2. What do I want my spell to do?
  3. What, if anything, am I afraid of losing by not doing this spell?
  4. In addition to being granted what I want my spell to do, what will doing this spell TURN ME INTO?
  5. Since Karma is REAL, how do I feel about being turned into that thing and is it both who and what I really want to become?

Again, the only way this works accurately is if you're HONEST.

When you're done answering these questions, make some observations about your answers:

  • Do your answers represent Wisdom?
  • Is there anything in your answers that simply doesn't add up or gel with Reality (i.e. the way the world actually works)?
  • If you get what you're hoping for, what will be the cost to you? To others? To your character?
  • Can you maintain your self-respect and integrity by working this spell?
  • Is your spell reactive or based on negative emotions such as fear of loss, desperation, or insecurity?
  • And last of all, does working this spell move you closer toward becoming the kind of person you want to become, or drive you further away from it?

You'll notice that thinking about your desire/spell in this way does indeed complicate things; just like life and Reality Itself are COMPLEX. And it's that kind of thinking that will take you further away from the simplicity of your own lies and lead you ever closer to the wonderfully complex kaleidoscope of Reality that is Truth. 

If your self-respect and integrity are weak to begin with, don't fear. We all start out weak in many ways. But as we keep our eye on WHAT WE WANT TO BECOME, it will get easier and easier as time goes on to see CLEARLY what our actions and our spells are turning us into, and to catch ourselves when we're tempted to work spells (and behave in ways) that will turn us into something we don't want to become. 

Do I want to sell you an oil? Hell yeah. If I can sell you anything when you're undecided about how to wisely go about satisfying your needs and you want the answers to those five questions to add up properly, it will always be my Road Opener Oil. Why? Because there are powers and deities of Wisdom and Goodness out there in the Universe that are EAGER to partner with you in blessing both you and the world. There are beings who are all about win/win that you want on your side.

What does the world need? POWERFUL PEOPLE who know who they are and who are willing to face their True Selves, both the good, the bad, and the ugly. The world needs us to be honest; and CONSCIOUS of the Nature of Reality and how to work wisely within it, whether it be in cursing or in blessing. 

This is NOT an easy path, my friends. And I wouldn't dream of leaving you alone on it. A huge part of my path is to be available for anybody who seeks to be more conscious and to bring greater Wisdom and Beauty into this world. Please feel free to message me about ANYTHING on your Marvelous Journey.

Sincerely, Rowan




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