It's Called "The Friend Zone" Whether You Want to Admit It or Not

It's Called "The Friend Zone" Whether You Want to Admit It or Not


I get a lot of people ordering Come Back To Me Oil, and as much as I love selling it, here's something to seriously consider before you buy it.

Mary (fake name) messaged me to say that she was trying to get her relationship back with (we'll call him) Jim. But there was someone outside of the relationship trying to prevent their getting back together. Jim was dragging his feet about the whole thing, and Mary continued being heartbroken but doing everything she could to make Jim happy and show him how much she loves him. Here's what I had to say to Mary:

"The main thing to remember about trying to keep someone happy is that it doesn't work. Nobody is going to stay happy no matter what you do. Also the person needs to be working as hard in the relationship as you are. If that's not happening, it's not a good relationship.

"Nobody is so wonderful that you should accept them as a relationship partner if they don't care about you as much as you care about them. That's the main thing to learn about all this. It's the hardest lesson too."

We get our hearts all tied up in someone who doesn't care NEARLY as much about us as we do about them, and they reap all the benefits of the hard work we're investing. What that ultimately means is that they are not worth it, no matter how 'grateful' to us they claim to be or how much they rave on and on about how much we support them. It's called 'The Friend Zone.' Look in the mirror and say the words aloud, and if it's true in your case, you'll know it.

Of course they're going to rave on and on about how wonderful you are to them; that's because they want the benefit of your being in love with them (and all that hard work you do for them) to continue.

Our hearts don't want to believe they don't care about us as much as we care about them. They're "so nice" that we can't believe we're being used. But if we truly want to be better people, the most important thing is to look the truth right in the eye without flinching.

Self-respect (and treating oneself with respect at all times) is the most important thing in the world. Without it, we will never be happy. We will never be okay with ourselves until we respect ourselves. Nobody is worth losing your self-respect over. And a true partner will never require it.

My recommendation instead of Come Back to Me Oil?  How about a Break Up Oil! Performing a ritual with Break Up Oil is the best possible way to get your psyche practicing self-respect.

With your own magick and a little bit of time, the spell will erode away all the obsessive affection you feel for this person who isn't assigning you anywhere NEAR the level of importance you're assigning them. 

Buy the Break Up Oil HERE and I look forward to hearing your story of liberation!! 

Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery

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