I Want To Make It Rain And Snow

I Want To Make It Rain And Snow

QUESTION: I’m looking for a rain spell to make it rain and then a snow spell to make it snow. What do you recommend?

ANSWER: For a spell like that, you're relying on one of three things: Either Coincidence OR Force OR Synchronicity. The most wise of those three is, of course Synchronicity--namely being in sync and oneness with Nature and Nature's agenda and laws.

As difficult as that may sound (or extraordinary), it is important to remember that you are an incarnation of Deity, and it is not a wrong thing for Deity to want something and to initiate it. Nature is FOR US. That said, there is such a thing as doing something one ought not. And it is, of course, not my place, to say what that is regarding yourself.

The more powerful we become, the less we answer to others. We are increasingly accountable only to the "Core Principle" of Godness from whence we came.

There is responsibility there. And key is the remembrance that when you pick up one end of the stick, you surely pick up the other, so it is expedient to know what is at the other end of it.


P.S. And I just realized that questions like that make me so philosophical that I neglected to give a product recommendation, but there is nothing new with that. I would go with a Psychic Enhancement Spell and simply reinforce your connection with The Divine. That's the beginning of it. If you want the full candle ritual for it, click that link (above).

Everything you're wanting to do hinges upon your own powers of concentration and imagination. And I must say if it were a simple thing, everybody would be doing it. It's one of those "camel through the eye of the needle" things. It can be done. It NEEDS to be done. But few are the people willing to bend themselves as needed. But worth it it certainly is.

I also recommend Thomas Troward's wonderful book: "The Hidden Power." It is heavyish reading, but I know no one who wouldn't do well spending the rest of their lives studying it daily.


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