How to Consecrate Your Oil: 5 Simple Steps

How to Consecrate Your Oil: 5 Simple Steps

The most important of elements of consecrating an oil are of course 1) knowing the purpose for which you desire to use your oil and 2) a heart that is sincere in the pursuit of that desire. You wouldn't even be here if those weren't in place, so here are the five basic steps (I am putting them first because once you read them, you might find you don't need any further instruction):

1) Know and address your deity specifically. This is important because most of your deities are specialized. For example, if I were specifically seeking wisdom, my deity of choice is always Athena. You may also request the blessing of several deities at once. Read up on which deity might be most eager to help you with your task. 

2) Express to your deity why you have sought their blessing.

3) Make an offering to your deity.

4) Express your situation to your deity honestly and openly. Tell them what you want in the situation and be specific about it.

5) Explain sincerely what you intend to do as a token of gratitude if your deity grants your request, making certain that it is something your deity will value.

The rest of this post gives an example of the above five steps if you need them.


So here is an example of a prayer I might use if I were requesting the Wisdom of Athena in some difficult situation, and what I would do.

I would prepare a simple altar. If I were facing the altar and I were to imagine Athena approaching from the other side of the altar I would place a small cake on a plate as an offering to Athena on my left side of the altar. (Note: Each deity is different and prefers different offerings, so take a little bit of time to do your homework.)

On the right side is where you're going to place your oil. Then I would light some myrrh incense. I have chosen myrrh in this case because it is a favorite of the Goddess Athena.

Then I would sit quietly at the altar and meditate on my purpose for a few moments, and on the virtues of your deity. After I feel myself fully present, only then do I begin my prayer. 

Here's the example of a consecration prayer:

(Steps 1, 2 & 3) Dearest Athena, I am consulting you because of your insight, wisdom, and strength and I have prepared this offering as a token of gratitude for your attention.

(At this point, allow yourself to sense the presence of your deity. You may or may not feel an actual presence. But keep yourself open. Your deity is listening.)

(Step 4) Fair goddess, [I'm in this work situation where . . .] or [my child is sick and . . .] or [I am having difficulty relating with a co-worker/relationship partner].

The main point here is to be honest and open about whatever you are consulting the goddess about. (IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER attempt to lie to your deity; you WILL NOT be happy with the result, and your spell, sooner or later, will bite you in the butt.)

Describe the situation specifically and sincerely. Express your feelings and concerns. Speak to your deity as if you were talking to a dear friend. Then tell your deity exactly how you would have the situation turn out.

At the end of my prayer in my example, I would say, "Dear Athena, I consecrate this oil to this holy purpose and request your blessing upon it."

(Step 5) Lastly say something to the effect that: If you will honor my request, dear goddess, I commit to you that [I will work in the soup kitchen on 10th Street ever weekend this winter] or [I commit to you that I will give $50.00 to X charity.] It can be anything your deity might value. Keep your heart and mind open to anything your deity might seek to tell you at this time. It's always a good idea to have a moment of silence for this purpose. 

Then end with, "Thank you, dearest Athena, for your time and attention in this matter. Glory be to your name!"

Remember that it does NOT have to be perfect! The most important thing is that it come from your heart. If you remember nothing else, remember that.

As always, if it turns out you would prefer to have your oil consecrated or charged before I send it, here's the link for that: Consecrate My Oil.

Please email me if you have any questions!

Sincerely, Rowan

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