How To Close An Interdimensional Portal PERMANENTLY

How To Close An Interdimensional Portal PERMANENTLY

Part I: How to Close a Portal for Good!

The key to closing spiritual portals and getting spirits to exit permanently is to first find out why and how they are there. Sometimes spirits and their portals COME WITH THE HOUSE. In which case it's a little bit trickier to get rid of them. It is often helpful to have a Feng Shui practitioner visit your house and verify beforehand where the portals are. But if you already know where they are, then you can indeed do it yourself.

If it is the case that malevolent spirits are present because of something you’ve done (like if you’ve purposely invited them or have done something in your life that is not good and they came in because of that), it is important that you FIRST repent of any wrongdoing. Otherwise there is no way to keep them out because they’re attached to YOU. If it’s not you but someone who’s living with you who has them, then you need to get that person out of the house. It is incredibly important to go to the source, or they will just come back again and again. In short, the main thing is to make sure you are done with whatever energy or person there may be in your life who is responsible for opening the portal. If someone comes into your home who opens this portal, their very presence can open it again. You have to be DONE with that energy and with that person in your home. It is incredibly important to get to the root of the problem.

Before you use this oil, I would make sure you have located all the portals. That's the one thing that makes this oil work. Once you know where the portals are (either spiritually or physically), you cleanse that area. You cleanse it both spiritually and physically; wash everything down and use a disinfectant cleaner like Lysol or Pine Sol. For a spiritual cleaning, you can simply light a sage bundle and pray to your deity that the area be spiritually cleansed. The main thing is to put your heart into it. And make sure your heart is pure to start with. You don’t have to be perfect in any way. You just have to have your heart in the right place, and you have to make sure you are striving, in your life, to be a solid and responsible person with decent character.

If you have put efforts into having a clear conscience, GENERALLY you are not going to have any problem addressing entities that have come through the portal and simply telling them to leave. In fact, if they’re not attached to you or to the property or to someone living on the property, they MUST leave when you command them to. And they must exit through the same way they came in. In the name of your deity or your Higher Self or whomever you pray to, say, “In the name of [deity], I am telling you to leave right now.” They may get mad, but it’s simply a dog whose bark is worse than its bite. And then they’ll leave. You should FEEL a change in the energy in the whole place. If you don’t feel this change in the energy to a more positive vibration, it is likely that some entity or entities are left behind. If you have done this several times and the energy doesn’t change, GET HELP from an experienced practitioner.

After the entity or entities have left back through the portal, it’s time to cleanse the area both physically and spiritually. Dress a BLACK small spell candle with the Close Portal Oil, then sprinkle basic table salt on the candle. After you’ve placed the salt on the candle, with a toothpick or other sharp object, carve two or three crosses (or other symbol that represents your deity) Place the candle in a candle holder that is easy to hold and carry. Then petition your deity to bless your work. Tell your deity sincerely what you are trying to accomplish, and let your deity know that you are striving to have a pure heart. Then, with the candle in hand (and not getting close to anything that could catch fire, of course) roughly outline the frame of the portal with the lit candle and say to your deity, "Dear [name of deity], I petition thee to close this portal!"

This is how I have done it and it has always been effective for me. You just have to make sure that you get every opening. Because even if you lock one door, if there's another door open, the entity can come back through the other door. So don't miss any.

Of course keep your prayer going through this entire process. It doesn’t have to be long or drawn-out. The important thing is to cover the area spiritually. This is as simple as saying, “With the light of this Close Portal Petition, I bid farewell to any and all unwelcome spirits. Go in peace and do not come back.”

Part II: Fiery Wall of Protection Oil Against Future Attacks or Invasions

After you’ve covered the area (or areas) with your Close Portal Petition, use a WHITE candle for your Fiery Wall of Protection Petition. Do the exact same thing as you did before with the first candle, except this time petition your deity by saying, “Dear [name of deity], thank you for closing those portals. I now petition you to protect my home. I welcome your love and your light to infuse both my life and my home.” And then make a commitment to your deity about something you will do to bring their light into the world--some kind of service to someone else, or some new way of living that will bring light into your home and into your heart and into the world.

Remember: You do NOT have to be perfect. Just aim at being a solidly good person who takes responsibility and works toward being a blessing to everyone around you. Be humble and wise and bold and do your best as a person. And allow yourself to have peace in your heart. When you remember wrongs you’ve done, repent of them and say sorry to anyone to whom you owe an apology. Sharpen your character. BE LOVE and LIGHT.

And of course message me with any other questions you might have.

Sincerely, Rowan at Twichery




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