Get to Know Father Black Hawk

Get to Know Father Black Hawk

I have recently discovered the work of Denise M. Alvarado who has written a book about Father Black Hawk and how best to petition him for his assistance in your just cause. Up to this point I have found nothing that truly seeks to communicate the history of this great leader and (at the same time) how best to petition his help all in one book, so I am very excited to use our Black Hawk Oil again in connection with her expert information.

Her book is entitled, "Conjuring Black Hawk." Unfortunately it is currently unavailable. BUT I have messaged her to find out when it will be released again. I will let you know as soon as I find out. Click HERE for more specific details about her book.

I hope that getting to know Father Black Hawk will make your integrity and desire and spell work be a tribute to this great leader and teacher, and help you bring into the world all the good you seek. 

I also want to provide a link to her short article about Father Black Hawk, Black Hawk: The Watchman on the Wall again by Denise M. Alvarado. It gives a little more history about him personally.

Sincerely, Rowan

P.S. And please click HERE for our Black Hawk Oil.

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